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y560 laptop monitor color calibration

I didn't see a similar thread on this so I'm starting a new one on color calibration setting for built-in laptop screen. (this can be found in your CCC Advanced Settings menu, under "My Built-In Displays, Display Color"). My interest in this stems from having and seeing correct colors for digital photography on my laptop when using photoshop. 


What Catalyst Control Center (CCC) setting do you use for your Y560 laptop monitor calibration?  I had bought a pro-level APS LED monitor and used a recommended color-corrected profile for that model downloaded from a website. Then I adjusted the Y560 laptop monitor's colors by comparing it to the stand-alone monitor's display results. The settings I got that matched the APS monitor's colors are as follows:


Hue: 4

Saturation: 110

Brightness: 0

Contrast: 100

Color Temperature: 6800K


I have a Y560d laptop, intel i720, windows 7 64-bit, with ATI5730 video card. I have the latest bios, and latest ATI drivers as per this forum. My setting in the one-key theater is "Normal" to do away with auto-adjustment issues.


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Re: y560 laptop monitor color calibration

, suggest you to keep using default color calibration.

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