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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-28-2011
Location: united states
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y560 missing ram


I bought the extended 3 year in home warrenty accidental warrenty for my laptop. One of my keys broke off one day within a year of owning my laptop. I called the supoort line to send me a new key which they refused to do and would only allow me to send the laptop in to have the key fixed. I chose not to sent the laptop because i did not want to go without my computer for two weeks just for a simple key. The real problem is that I sent my laptop in to get repair for a loose hing which they instructed me could not be done at home even though I paid for an in home warrenty. I sent my laptop in and was supprised how fast I got my computer back it only took about a week and a half. However, when I recieved my laptop I checked how much ram I had. It said 4 gb. I ordered a system with 8 gb and know that it had 8 gb of ram when I sent my computer in. Then I recieved the blue screen of death. I called the support line again and they said they would call me on tuesday becasue the repair depot was closed over the holidays. I wait untill about noon on tuesday no call. I call the support and they said I will be recieving a call from a high level suppport within three buisness days. The higher level of support calls my house and my mother is the only one home. She informs my mom that she can send 4gb of ram to my house. My mom refuses since we do not have the knowledge to install 4 gb of ram into my laptop and it would void my warrenty most likely. How can lenovo expect me to install 4 gb of ram when it was there fault that they misplaced or stole my ram? I am unable to have a key sent to me but I am expected to install 4gb of ram on my computer. What do you suggest is the next step to getting my laptop fixed? I do not want to install 4 gb of ram myself and should be intitaled to a technican sent to my home to get my laptop fixed.

Lenovo Staff
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Location: Malaysia
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Re: y560 missing ram


Installing the ram is quite simple and it won't void the warranty.

See HMM document below.'s%20guides%20and%20manuals/Y560/Lenovo%2...


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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-28-2011
Location: united states
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Re: y560 missing ram

[ Edited ]

Therefore since the depot failed to repair my laptop properly, I have to repair the laptop myself with no compensation. I spend 300 dollars for an extended warrenty so i would not have to repair my own laptop. I believe I should have a refund for my 300 dollars since this warrenty is not truly being honored.