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What's DOS?
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y560 won't boot

Hi..uhm well i dont really know where to begin but ive been having problems getting my laptop to run.

I few days ago i noticed that my laptop has been very slow in starting up and slowing down. for over 30mins. the hard drive activity indicator was constantly on. So i searched online for possible fixes on my alternate computer and  found out that i should do a disk check. So i ended up going to the command prompted and typed in the chdsk /f /r .. all that stuff. So when the computer reboot, it checked the files but it said that something couldn't be retrieved or something.. i cant rally remember. However, after that, it went to the windows opening screen (the one with black background and the windows logo) and after 5 minutes of staying in the windows screen, i get a blue screen error and shuts down almost immediately.

So everytime i turn on, bios mentions that the computer has encountered an error and reccomends a system check. But everytime i do that, the computer always stops at the loading screen with no hard drive activity.

If its possible, can anyone provide me with assistance? please and thank you


PS. im not sure if its a virus causing this but i doubt it since i havent had internet connection  for over a month (cousins really need to buy a router...) and prior to that.. its been working fine.

I also tried running a windows reinstall disk but same thing happens.. i get a Blue screen error

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Re: y560 won't boot

possible hard disk issue, it's about to die or already dead.
backup your datas, contact lenovo support line and ask for hdd replacement.
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