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y570 bios version & recovery questions


I know that there were many topics about bioses & their version numeration, and mods & people from lenovo staff usually said, that the bios preinstalled newer laptops with higher versions numbers are actually the same as bios at lenovo download website, but there're many facts proving that it's wrong. For example, in y570 bios latest version, available at download site, Intel's AES-NI feature is locked and disabled, and in 2.08 it is enabled (I'm not talking about modded/unlocked bios versions) so it's definitely different version (and actually, there're reports in the web about 2.10 versions). Why is it so? Is it too difficult for support team to publish new bios at official download website?

The other question is about bios recovery. Actually, it's well known that in general process of insyde bios recovery is as easy as bios recovery can be: you only need to put a bios file named correctly on usb flash drive and press and hold key combination during first several seconds after start.

So, there's another question: if all you need to restore bios is the bios file name(because the file which is needed to flash bios is actually the same for normal flashing and for recovery) and a key combination, why don't you make your customers life easier and publish this info with small(several lines of text) recovery guide on your support site? It would save a lot of nerves for many of your customers, whose laptop was bricked because of faulty bios flashing procedure, and who have to pay money if their warranty ended and wait for several weeks while laptop has it's mainboard being replaced (also, don't you think that it's an absurd to replace the whole motherboard in such cases?).

Why don't lenovo takes care about it's customers, especially when it's so easy to?

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