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Fanfold Paper
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y570 not completely satisfied and speaker problem



I have a Y570 with i5. (bought on May 8th,2012. with 2 year warranty)

My audio output is broken, the left isn't working. I sent my notebook with warranty in the service. They said, it's psychically broken, they won't repair it and it can't be repaired, because it isn't replaceable, I need to buy a new motherboard. The motherboard is approx. 400-500€ (The notebook was approx. a little above 600€.),. Then I said, good, I can live without an output (It wasn't true, I need it really... But it's OK.), this happened in November, 2012.

Now I have an another problem. My left speaker is quieter than the right. I don't know does it was before like this, I now realized it. I can say, that the right is power fuller. I just need a good feedback... Because I think, I've sucked. I bought this notebook, because of it's performance and quality, but now... It's not as I imagined, It would be.

I will send it back to the service nearly in the future (I need to save my files from it, but I have any storage jet.), maybe at the end of January.

I have a warranty with Pin Computers doo.


Please send me a feedback, what you think about it.

Thanks a lot, sincerely,



ps.: Sorry for the grammatical errors.

Lenovo Support Partner
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Re: y570 not completely satisfied and speaker problem

Hello Garai,


No need to apologize for grammer errors. We're all human. To answer your first and last questions, I believe you still need to replace the system board as it is covered under warranty. If they refuse it because of a part they claim they cannot replace, escalate it. Hope that helps.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: y570 not completely satisfied and speaker problem

Thanks for the answer.

Upgrade: for 4 days my speakers repaider itself. On Friday the other (right) speaker  faded. I will send the notebook back to the service on next week.
Maybe I was wrong before, because I have 2 papers, one from Pin and one from Kim-Tec (this is the warranty).

Edit: I think my speakers freaked out... Feriday night after 9 PM: the right is better, but still low.

Token Ring
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Re: y570 not completely satisfied and speaker problem

I'm having a left speaker issue too.  And I rarely use the JBL's (I use external speakers or a USB headset).  


At first there was absolutely no sound coming out of it.  But when I toggled the SRS settings, the speaker came to life, although weaker than the right speaker.  After playing with the L/R balance to see if I could compensate, it somehow balanced itself, although it sounds like the left speaker is a bit blown.  Which is unfortunate, because these used to be very good sounding speakers.  


I still have two years of warranty left, but I'm not sure if sending it back to have the speaker fixed is worth it.   Maybe next year when the warranty's about to expire.

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