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y580 - Experience of installing 256GB Crucial m4 mSATA as primary drive

I will keep this short as I am not looking to make a tutorial, though please do feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.


I recently purchased a 256Gb mSATA on sale for $160 and decided to give it a spin as my primary drive.  I've been using it a week now and so I wanted to come back and share with the Lenovo community in case there were others contemplating doing something like this, but were reluctant.


My personal experience with this drive has been very positive.  I did have to install another copy of Windows 8 - I understand this may be prohibitive for some... Fortunately, I had a legal copy of Windows 8 Pro and so it wasn't an issue... There are tutorials for completely migrating/cloning a existing install to a larger SSD such as this one, but I gave up on that labor quickly and just went for the clean install.


The Windows 8 x64 Driver thread was very valuable in getting everything, but recovery, back up and running as good or better than before... Concerning the recovery, I am not concerned... I perform my own backups (systems developer) already - if I get some free time and feel fancy, perhaps I will automate that process with the onekey recovery button or something...  Have blu-rays playing with VLC also, so the loss of the software was no an issue - just google it if it's a concern for you...


In any case, I have seen solid gains with this drive... Things are so SNAPPY now... Boots ridiculously quickly - was fast before with the 16GB cache, but booting straight from this SSD is like 5s to login screen.  As a professional Windows developer by trade and a LInux developer by passion, being able to dual boot in a reasonable fashion is also nice.  I only had room for one additional partition after factoring in the abominable factory partition layout before - which is not how I prefer to do my installs (everyone to one partition)... Now, I have my preferred setup, where my main system partitions live on SSD, but I also have extended storage on the original platter drive... Very nice machine now (not that it wasn't before, but I find myself loving it more and more now).


I'm a happy man with this machine now - albeit a modified setup...  With my Cool Master pad always under it and my Logiteck MX wireless always in hand, I can code, surf or play BF3 from the comfort of my couch without cracking a sweat...

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