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What's DOS?
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z 50 75 pressing keyboard touchpad doesn't work

hi ! Smiley Happy

when i press a letter on the keyboard the touchpad stops working. i tried with palmcheck option but the problem remains. i have ELAN software and everything seems updated (according to windows update and lenovo softwares). in touchpad settings i found the option about the mouse block during digitation, but it doesn'twork. can someone help me?

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Re: z 50 75 pressing keyboard touchpad doesn't work

I have the same problem with a Y50-70 and ELAN Touchpad/driver too. It has been sold to me as a gaming Laptop and now one major functionality you need for gaming doesn't work - what a mess. I spend hours in the Internet reading hundreds of articles from people with the same issue.

1. Solution: Disable the Palmcheck function but unfortunately the ELAN SW doesn' provide this option.

2. Solution: Change the Touchpad sensibility (some say max, some min) - neither works with the ELAN driver.

3. Solution: Go into the Registry (regedit) and change parameter (DisableWhenType_Enable and DisableWhenType_DelayTime_Move in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Elantech\SmartPad\), to 0 with Regedit. Didn't work for me too.


4. Solution: Uninstall the ELAN driver qnd let Windows install a generic PS2 one during re-boot. This finally did it for me, however you are losing all the additional functionality of your Touchpad and can onlwy move the cursor plus right/left click. No zoom; no scroll, no multiple finger functionality anymore. So be it, I bought the Laptop for Gaming.


I'm pretty disappointed about this but hope there will be better driver coming out soon.

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