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z470 wifi connection issues

Hello everyone,


I know this wifi connection issue isn't just specific to my model, but this is definitely a growing problem.  I have issues connecting to my wifi at home.  I don't have this issue at my college (possibly because they have some sort of network adapter (if that's the right word) in each dorm room).  


So basically at home, I can connect, but have to reconnect to the wifi about 2 times an hour I would say.  It used to be worse.  I used to have to connect every 10-15 minutes and I am not exaggerating.  I will admit that un-installing McAfee helped a bit/ random fiddling of network connections.  

However, this is unacceptable seeing as all other computers and electronic  devices from the same location as my computer connect fine.  


A little bit more on my connection issue: 

I will be on the internet and then open up a site which would take forever to load or would give me an error message saying I'm not connected to the internet.  I would then proceed to disconnect from my home network, wait 10 seconds, and then try to connect again.  Here is when multiple problems may occur.  Either 1) I get a message saying the adapter was not found 2) get an error message that I cannot connect to the internet with option for troubleshooting or 3) (very rarely) connect to the internet.  

If either 1 or 2 happens, I would then do fn+f5 and turn on/off my wireless card. Then, I would try to conenct to my network again.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.  Most of the time though, after trying to reconnect, I would get a message again saying I cannnot connect to the internet.  I would then close the dialog box and watch the  "connecting..." sign next to the 5 bars.  Eventually, even though it says it would not connect, it would connect.  If i'm super unlucky, I woudl sometimes have to disconnect/reconnect again.

Other random facts:

sometimes it would say that I have 5 bars and excellent connection, but the truth is that I can't even load a webpage.

sitting close to the router, within the same room, I would still get wifi connection issues but less so from further locations.

I know this is a long message, but whoever reads this, thank you.  this is truly an issue and it is very bothersome since wifi is really important these days.  My drivers are up to date, and my computer was manufactured 1/03/12.  Please if anyone has a solution... please let me know.

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Re: z470 wifi connection issues

Download inSSIDer from Metageek to see your local environment. Switch your channel to one that's not overloaded.



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