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Paper Tape
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Re: z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

Dude, if you're in hurry for your files, do as we did.
that's more likely what happened to me, a vacation of 5 days and it was dead.
but it's working fine now,
Former Employee
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Re: z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

In response to customer reports of unexpected issues with battery performance on Z500 and Z510 laptops, Lenovo is making a battery firmware update available via download from the Lenovo Forums.


This battery firmware is intended to resolve the following unexpected charging symptoms when a Z500 or Z510 laptop is powered on:


  • Battery is dead
  • Battery is not detected
  • Battery is detected and charged to 100% but when AC power is removed, the laptop immediately powers off
  • When the battery is fully charged and AC power is removed, battery level falls dramatically within 10 minutes

Please note a step-by-step procedure for upgrading the firmware is included in the .zip file, found in the "ReadMe" folder.


The battery firmware update can be downloaded here:


Thank you,

Paper Tape
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Re: z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

Our z510 was used on Tuesday, but yesterday plugged in and no lights.  It is completely dead and will not charge.  We have 2 adapters (the original and replacement from Lenovo--lost and then found). Neither will charge the battery.  


I have kept up with all updates prior to this happening.  (The only other problem we have had is the screen becoming dim (very difficult to see).  I had to keep installing an old driver because when it updates, the screen becomes dim again.)


I can't try the firmware update because it will not turn on.  


Any suggestions??



Blue Screen Again
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Re: z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

Thanks! I tried you  solution and it worked. Though I didnt do it completely.. I opened up the keyboard then i was afraid to proceed further.. so i tried shaking things around pressed the power button couple of times and then put the screws and keyboard back to original. then I connect the charger but their was no light.. i let it be for sometime say 5 mins, then the battery charge light lighted up to blink, i switched the laptop on, it was working again.. the battery was however <5% then... but this worked, i am glad.

What's DOS?
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Re: z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

kindly seek your help my z510 has no power , i was working till the battry drained so i plugged in the ac adapter with no vain and the battery reached zero and i couldnot turn on the lab since that . i am about to lose all my work bcause i dont have a backup

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