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z565 - How to check and enable AMD Virtual Technology (VT) in BIOS

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Started ‎07-12-2011 by
Modified ‎07-12-2011 by



I've been trying to use Virtualization on my Lenovo Ideapad z565 laptop. The laptop is running the OEM installed Windows 7 home premium 64. It is an AMD dual core processor. I've attempted to launch a few VMWare images within VMWare workstation running on my laptop.



The VMWare images always seem to hang when trying to launch them. I've read on various forums that this is most likely due to Virtualization Technology (VT) "Not" being enabled in the BIOS. This is supposed to be set in the "Advanced " section of the BIOS.


Check Bios

The problem is that when I check my BIOS (F2), the Virtualization Technology (VT) option is not listed in my BIOS. I have a very limited set of BIOS options. I've read that manufacturers of these machines "Block" the user from accessing the advanced BIOS options (for reasons unknown to me).


Intel Hardware Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool

Also, there is a utility distributed by Microsoft called the "Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool" that you can download and run on your computer to check if Hardware-assisted Virtualization (VT) is enabled on your computer. I have run this, and it says that VT "is" enabled on my machine. However, I've seen, from other users, that this tool is known to report false positives...meaning it reports that VT is enabled, even though it is not.


I've also read that for these Lenovo laptops, that Hardware Virtualization is "disabled' by default. So, I think that is my problem. Hardware Virtualization is turned off in my BIOS, and I have no way to access it in order to 'enable' or turn it on.


Does anyone out there have any experience with this problem, and how did you work around it? Is there a utility that will allow me to enable Hardware Virtualization in my BIOS? If so, can you provide me with the detailed steps to do this?


The board is usingAMD CPU therefore should use the AMD detection tool and not Intel.


Z565 does support AMD-V function. It is enabled by default. 

Nonetheless, not all of the AMD CPU support AMD-V.


\Check AMD link about AMD-V™ Technology. There is a free utility in the box of AMD-V Compatibility Check on the right of the page. Use that to check instead.