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z580 touchpad dead when the charger is connected



First of all, sorry for my English, I'm still learning Smiley Happy


The touchpad of my z580 seems to be dead when the charger is connected to the laptop, even when the charger is not plugged! But if I touch the non-touchpad surface of the laptop with my wrist at the same time that I'm touching the touchpad,it works fluently. The same if the charger is not connected to the laptop


I'm pretty sure that this is a physically problem with the laptop instead of a problem with the drivers... Is issue this happening to someone more?




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Re: z580 touchpad dead when the charger is connected

Hi deuve82,


There are touchpad issue threads for the Z580 pointing to a resolution by reinstalling the touchpad drivers.  You might as well try uninstalling and reinstalling the touchpad drivers for your Z580.


Here are the driver links for Windows 7 and Windows 8, just download the corresponding driver for your operating system.


Windows 7 touchpad driver-Z580

Windows 8 touchpad driver-Z580


Please see similar thread where the customer had to hold down the left button to get the touchpad working.


If uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers does not resolve your issue then we have definitely isolated the software issue. From your description of the problem, were you applying a bit of pressure while touching the non touchpad surface of the laptop with your wrist?  If this is the case, and doing so makes the touchpad works then it definitely points to a physical problem.


If the sytem is still within warranty you may need to have the laptop serviced.  You will have to contact the support center in your area.  Please see link for the Support phone list.



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