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z585 mobo

ok so my ideapad z585 is now off warrenty so im planning to do a bit o tinkering and I have a couple questions to anyone that can answer. I have the variant that only has the integrated 7660g gfx chip not the one with the dual 7660g and 7670m dedicated card. since absolutly everything else is the same on the 2 different versions i was wondering if the motherboard on my z585 could take a 7670m card from the other version if i bought one off ebay? most of the time the different versions all have the same mobo and it'll just be an empty space on the one that doesnt have x feature to make it cheaper. also im assuming its a sata 2 hdd not sata 3 but has anyone done an ssd upgrade on the z585 and did it offer enough i/o performance increase to justify the extra 100 bucks to buy an ssd. Lastly if its not possible to add the 7670m card to the mobo since the 7660g uses shared system memory does maxing out the ram from 6gb to 8gb give and gains in g-ram heavy games (like rts games) or is the interconnect such a bottle neck that adding more ram has a negligible impact? Thanks for any feedback you all can provide to a fellow ideapad owner.


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