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Lenovo Employee tlawson
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 Step 1.  Obtain a copy of the needed update.

  • Download an appropriate copy of the patch from the vendor (if available). Always use a safe and reliable source to obtain the needed patch.
  • Ensure the downloaded file matches the Patch file name listed in SCCM


Step 2: Configure SCCM Local Source

  • After downloading the patch, enable the Local Source feature in Lenovo Patch (if not already enabled).
  • Open Lenovo Patch Settings and navigate to the Offline Options tab to get the location of the Local Source Folder


  • Navigate to the folder configured for Local Source publishing and place the installer in the folder.


Step 3: Publish

  • There is no different publishing process.  Just select the needed patch and publish as normal. After publishing is complete, SCCM will be able to deploy and detect the patch on the endpoints connected to the SCCM environment.


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