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Data Center Advisor & Configurator Tool (aka LESC) Frequently Asked Questions



  • Is the LESC, Lenovo Enterprise Solution Configurator, tool the same as the DCACT, Data Center Advisor & Configurator Tool?
    1. Yes, on July 11th 2016 LESC was renamed to the DCACT.
  • What is the difference between the two ‘Configurator Modes’ in the DCACT?
    1. The ‘Configure to Order (CTO)’ mode is used for a customized configuration/solution that starts with a ‘bare metal box’ and you add options as required. The ‘Preconfigured (TopSeller)’ mode is used for adding options to a preconfigured TopSeller or Standard model, also referred to as the MTM +Options mode. The Preconfigured (TopSeller) mode is based off of the SSCT, Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool, functionality.
  • What products are available in the DCACT?
    1. All of the System x Servers, Storage, SDS (Software Defined Storage), Networking, Rack & Power, and Services. ThinkServer is available in the SSCT, Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool and PSAT, Pre-Sales Advisor Tool.
  • Why can I no longer do CTO configurations, Configure to Order, with DCACT?
    1. By default the configuration mode is ‘Preconfigured (TopSeller)’ mode, you need to change mode to ‘Configure to Order (CTO)’ mode on the DCACT homepage, top right corner of your browser page.
  • Why aren’t all the x3650 M5, MT 8871, TopSellers in the CTO mode, so I can customize them?
    1. Any TopSeller that has the x3650 M5 Base feature ATDX, 2.5” Flexible Base (up to 16x 2.5”) w/o Power Supply, is only used for x3650 M5 in Preconfigure (TopSeller) models.
  • What format does the DCACT use for ‘Import a Configuration’?
    1. Currently you can use either the CFR format or the XML format. The save format for DCACT is XML.
  • Can I use the XML format output in the x-config and SSCT sales configurators?
    1. You can use the XML for import into the x-config, but not the SSCT.
  • Can I use the XML format output from DCACT or x-config in the PSAT?
    1. Yes, if you have Distributor or T1 level access to PSAT.
  • Why can I not see the Services part numbers when I add my MT (i.e. 8871) into the search box within the Services catalog feature?
    1. In order to see all the part numbers you will need to add the model, for example, 8871K1U or 8871AC1. If you want all the services part numbers, you can just use the MT and then use the ‘Export to XLS’ feature.
  • Can I create a multi-product solution using the DCACT?
    1. Yes, the best way to build a solution using any of the products available in the DCACT is to use the ‘Product Catalog’, which is available on the Summary page after adding an initial product. The Product Catalog will be toward the top left of the Summary page, by default it is collapsed, so you will need to expand to see all the products you can add.
  • Will my configuration/solution built in the DCACT be integrated by Lenovo manufacturing, prior to shipping to me?
    1. The CTO products/solutions will be integrated by Lenovo and shipped together, with some limitations, but the Preconfigured (TopSeller) mode configurations will not. Like the SSCT, all options in your configuration/solution built in Preconfigured (TopSeller) mode will be shipped in separate boxes.
  • What is the purpose of the ‘Manufacturing Validation’ button while in CTO mode, and am I required to use it?
    1. You are not required to use it, as the configuration/solution is validated as you build it and checked as you continue on to the Summary page to save it and/or export it. The Manufacturing Validation feature is to add extra checking to confirm that Lenovo manufacturing can build the configuration/solution without any issues. It is uncommon, but there may be an instance where the configuration/solution may not pass Manufacturing Validation check. If this does occur, work with your Lenovo sales representative to open a defect.
  • How do I open a defect or get help when I have an issue or get errors that I cannot resolve, and I believe it to be a defect in the DCACT configurator tool?
    1. First, make sure to reference the Lenovo Press Product Guides, https://lenovopress.com/, for assistance, as there may be some technical limitations and not a configurator issue. You can also work with a Lenovo technical seller to get help with the configuration/solution. If you are sure it is a defect with the DCACT, then as a Partner you can contact a Lenovo representative to open a defect for you. As a Lenovo seller, you can contact ‘ITSupport’ via Lync or contact your Inside Sales Representative.
  • What is the ‘Withdrawn Parts’ feature on the DCACT homepage used for?
    1. This feature is provided so users that have older configurations, six months or less, can set the date back on the products that are available in the DCACT product catalog. This allows the user to ‘find’ products that may have been withdrawn from marketing and then switch them out to currently marketed products.
  • What is the ‘Find a Model to Customize’ feature on the DCACT homepage used for?
    1. This feature allows the user to quickly launch into the configuration of a product without having to use the dropdowns within product catalogs. It’s a time saving feature if you already know the MTM, machine type model, like 9532AC1 or 8871K1U.  

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