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Lenovo Employee bill_luken
Lenovo Employee
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DCSC - New Processor Filter

There is a recent enhancement to add another filitering selection to the Processor options, see following screen shot. Along with the new seelction for SP1 or SP2 processors from Intel, there are other filters like Core Count and Family to help narrow down what option(s) you are looking for.


If you have suggestions for filters on other options, let me know.



Lenovo Employee Karl11
Lenovo Employee
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Re: DCSC - New Processor Filter


To better/correctly response your questions, can I get to know:

1. What's the special option for the statement of "filters on other options" ? does it mean the Cores, Family... from the  screen shot or other options that was not presented on the screen shot?

2. What kind of "suggetstions" do you expect about the "filters on other options" ?


Briefly, Xeon SP Gen2(Cascade lake; Tick) is the next generation/refresh processor of Xeon SP Gen1(Code: Skylake; Tock) on Intel Purley platform.

ThinkSystem products will support Intel new Xeon SP Gen2 processors following Intel steps of Xeon SP Gen2 release.

If there is more changes and it is needed, it will be presented. If no, there will be no either. Thanks.




Lenovo Employee bill_luken
Lenovo Employee
Posts: 260
Registered: ‎11-09-2016
Location: US
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Re: DCSC - New Processor Filter

Hi Karl, there is no request at this time. Thank-you for asking. I believe the DCSC is doing a great job at providing appropriate filters for the various options. Although, currently the HDD filters are not working.


I just wanted to see if any one that reads these topics and watches the forum had any ideas on any new filtering needed. Looks like no one has, so we are good so far.


Cheers, Bill.

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