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SSCT (Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool) – via email to .


DCACT (Data Center Advisor & Configuration Tool) – via email to or via Lync using ITSupport.


x-config (System x & Cluster Solutions Configurator) – General Purpose mode, via email to or via Lync using ITSupport. Cluster & HX Series mode, via email to .


We ask that you provide as much detail as possible when sending a defect, see the following.

Problem reporting:

  • Abstract: A phrase describing the issue
  • Scenario: Document the steps to recreate the issue
  • Findings: Describe what you see now (the incorrect result you see)
  • Expectations: Describe what you expect to see when the issue is fixed
  • Impact: What is the impact to the business (revenue loss or clients impacted)
  • Files: The XML file from the configuration with the issue
  • Screen shots: Any screenshots demonstrating the issue

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