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Lenovo smart display stopped working

2020-08-01, 11:18 AM
Hey, We bought this device in november of 2018 and now not even 2 full years later its stopped working. Last night the screen was black and it wouldnt register google commands. The google home app doesnt show it online. I tried unplugging and plugging it in. I've also tried holding down both volume up/down buttons for a factory reset. I seen a bunch of posts about audio working and the screen being blank. However not much about it just working and then not working and seemingly never turning on. Please help. I also think it's kinda suspect when a product seemingly dies like 5-6 months after warranty ends. Product not lasting 2 years when just sits on a end table untouched and only used via verbal commands is kinda crazy

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Re:Lenovo smart display stopped working

2020-08-01, 23:22 PM

Hi bud if you Google Lenovo/Motto rescue and smart assistant  download it to a laptop or PC follow the instructions  it will get you up and running again even when the tablet is dead.


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Re:Lenovo smart display stopped working

2020-08-02, 7:26 AM

How can you connect Smart display to a PC? I didn't see USB port.



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Re:Lenovo smart display stopped working

2020-08-03, 12:23 PM

Hi @Ryanbraybrook,


Welcome to the Community!


The app that @Chinup mentioned in his post was designed for Lenovo tablets and phones and won't help with the Smart Display.


The troubleshooting steps we advise users to try in case the Lenovo Smart Display stops working is unplugging and plugging it, trying a different power outlet and performing a factory reset of the device. If none of these steps solves the issue, we suggest contacting our service partner. My understanding is that your warranty already expired - in this case, you can contact our service and ask for a paid repair.



Best regards,


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