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Transfer music from Lenovo Smart Clock to anything else.

2019-10-08, 23:11 PM

Today Google rolled out an update allowing music and video to be transferred from one device to another. After getting home I thought I would test it out on my speakers, displays, chromecast and clock. Everything worked great until I got to my Lenovo smart clock, it doesn't support the feature, my old Insignia speakers don't as well. I've come to expect that from the Insignia speakers, they're 2 yrs old, but the Lenovo clock just came out. All the "official" Google Nest stuff works fine as did my Lenovo 10 inch display and Chromecasts.


I'm starting to despise the fractured rollout of features on the various devices by Google. It's frustrating they have other companies put their assistant in devices then support them to just a slightly lesser degree than their own. Sometimes more than slightly! Lenovo makes a top notch product I wish they had more control over their device's software. I don't see nearly as many complaints in the Alexa department when it comes to 3rd party devices.


Hopefully the Lenovo Smart Clock gets this feature as it would be extremely convenient in the morning when moving from bedroom to kitchen. 


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Re: Transfer music from Lenovo Smart Clock to anything else.

2019-10-15, 8:46 AM

Hi ,


Just to clarify a bit, Google owns the software, which means it is not up to 3rd party companies when features are rolled out.


This is all managed and owned by Google.


The clock runs a different version of software than does the display than does other Google Assistant products so it is not a straight switch they flip and the features work.


Also, there are features that will never come to clock because of the form factor or intended use. 


Keep an eye out for posts here, any features coming I will be announcing.


I'll also pass on the suggestion to Google, if people really want to see the feature it would be good to kudo your comment in this discussion.


Another thing you can do is send feedback to google via the device requesting the feature. If enough people do, they might just prioritize it.

Miguel Gonzalez
EMEA Consumer Technical Trainer

Lenovo Slovakia




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