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minimal/no mic usage of smart clock

2020-10-17, 18:35 PM

I'm interested in the Lenovo Smart Clock, but before I purchase I am interested in hearing how practical it is to use with the mic almost always disabled.


My main use case is an internet-connected clock & alarm. I'm generally not interested in talking to technology. If I were to use this product I would have the mic disabled almost perpetually. I tried using a Google Home Mini in this way once, but if you leave the mic disabled for too long it occasionally reminds you that the mic is turned off, as if you did it by mistake. (Definitely NOT something you want when it's in your bedroom.)


So, first question - will the smart clock care if I leave the mic disabled? Would it try to notify me in any way, or would it trust me to have done that deliberately?


Second question - how feature-impared is it with the mic disabled? I see that I can set new tone-based alarms using the touch screen, which is nice. I have read that I can snooze and stop alarms by physically touching the device. That may be good enough for me, but I am curious to hear about the experience of other users already using it with the mic disabled.


The one area I think I will need to give in to the mic is to set music or radio streams as the alarm. From what I read it sounds like this can be done but only via Google Assistant. (I really wish I could just manage this from my phone or computer, but oh well.) What I imagine myself doing is, if I need to change a stream-based alarm, I turn the mic on, make my changes, then turn the mic off again, and otherwise operate with the mic disabled. 


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Re:minimal/no mic usage of smart clock

2020-10-19, 8:30 AM

Hi Edward S,


Welcome to the Community!


I understand your concerns, some of our users prefer to use the Smart Clock with the mic disabled permanently. 


The Smart Clock does not remind you that the microphone is muted, the only notification comes when you enable or disable the mic. You can set up standard alarms or Impromptu alarm (Google AI, music chosen for you by Google) using the touch screen. Also, functions like good morning routine and sunrise alarm are available without using voice commands. Streaming music or radio is possible through Chromecast, you can cast it from your phone without activating the microphone.


You will need voice commands to set up music or radio alarms or ask questions to Google Assistant, but many functionalities are available without using voice commands as well :)


Best regards,


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