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Paper Tape
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10" Display Audio Stuttering

Hi.  Does anyone have a problem with audio stuttering at the beginning of each song when playing through a speaker group?  I've noticed it only happens when I have my Lenovo 10" Display added to the speaker group.  I've sinced removed the Display from the speaker group and the music does not stutter anymore.  Wondering if my Display is defective.

Paper Tape
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Re: 10" Display Audio Stuttering

Yes mate, I have the same issue and a few others do as well (there's a couple of other forum posts on it) the word from Lenovo support is that they are working with google. No updates or other information. They say it happens with other displays too though i only have the Lenovo so can't confirm that.
It's really annoying when using spotify, for radios etc it's ok as it only seems to happen when it begins a new stream (Each song in spotify but only at the start when listening to iheart radio etc)

If there isn't some update soon I'm considering returning it. While I love all the other features and the use of it in our kitchen area the stuttering is most annoying

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