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Can't call certain Duo contacts

I have two contacts in my Google contacts (created at that have phone numbers that are Duo IDs.  I can call both of those contacts from in Chrome on a desktop.  But on the Lenovo Smart Display I was not able to call one of the contacts.  It acted as if that contact didn't exist or didn't have a Duo phone number.  When I said "Hey Google, video call [name]" it wouldn't call that person, instead asking if I wanted to call the other contact.  If I said "Hey Google, make a video call" it brought up a list of contacts with just the one contact.  The other was missing from the list.


I was able to fix the issue by going to in a browser, and deleting and recreating the contact there. I recreated the contact exactly as it looked before: same name, same e-mail address, same phone number, same number type.  So I'm not sure what the issue was.  The number had a +1 and was set to type "Mobile".   I had read that this problem can happen when the number is prefixed with 00 or without +1, but that wasn't the case for me.


I had a similar issue calling certain PTSN contacts, though I haven't tried again since the latest software updates.


Device: Lenovo Smart Display 8"
System firmware version: OIM4.181210.010
Cast firmware version: 1.37.148231
App version: 6.25.17+prod.
Language: English
Country: US

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