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Re: Clock Face Features Requested

Agree, though aspects like this should be fully customisable.  As Miguel knows only too well, there's no pleasing everyone!


So a request for custom interface options, just like Android please.

What's DOS?
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Re: Feature Requests

I’d love the ability to have the clock switch clock faces at specific times of the day. For example, I’d like photos clock theme during the day, but at bedtime I’d like it to automatically switch to a big clock so I can read it easier without my glasses. Then switch back after I start my day. All this without having to manually dig into the settings to do so.

What's DOS?
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Re: Feature Requests - Do not Disturb icon

I recently have been enjoying the photo clock face. But once my Do Not Disturb goes on, the icon covers the hours of the clock and I can not read the time.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Feature Requests

I'd like the following features to be added:


1. Ambient sounds should NOT turn off after a specific time or we should have the ability to change the setting to unlimited.  Basically I sleep with white noise and if I set it on the clock or as part of a bedtime routine it turns off after a few hours.  I need it to stay on all night.  The work around is to verbally request "Hey Google" "play white noise" and it plays all night (but if my husband is sleeping voice commands are annoying".


2. Make it possible to turn off the Google response for some features, if I am not asking a question I don't need a verbal response.  This is particuarly true when I ask it to play music.  For example, refer to #1 above, when I ask Google to play white noise it responds "This is the sound of white noise".  I don't need to hear that every night as I'm going to bed and once again, my spouse doesn't either. I'd like it to react the way it does when I ask it to change the volume.


3. Add Amazon Music as an option, many people have paid for music subscriptions with Amazon and want to be able to listen without having their phone connected via bluetooth.  For example, I have purchased "Brown Noise for Sleep" on Amazon and that is what I prefer to listen to when I sleep but I cannot with this alarm clock unless I have my phone hooked up via bluetooth.  This allows my phone to disturb my sleep and that doesn't work for me. 

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Re: Feature Requests

I would love to able to bind images like show Google images AND my images rather than either or.

What's DOS?
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Re: Feature Requests

- Add a delay prior to the good morning routine, I am barely awake and it start going through it. Give me 30 seconds but ideally a controllable setting not everyone jump right out of bed.

- Did I miss this but where can I change the face font color? You know red is better to reduce impact on night vision, so I could have slightly higher brithness to actually see the clock but without being blinded by a white font.

- More options done on the screen itself. I don't place my phone in my bedroom because well I have an alarm clock to wake me up so give me more options right there on the touch screen instead of going to another device to setup routine and such.

- Allow mulitple people update as part of routine, it tells me about me routing but my spouse as different drive to work, why does she have to ask avout it when she added to our home? Allow us to decide if we want to hear both traffic condition and also calendar for example. (again maybe I miss that and be happy for someone to point how to)



Paper Tape
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Skip an alarm

Would be nice to tell my Smart Clock something like, "Hey Google, skip my alarm tomorrow morning".  I've got a Monday-through-Friday alarm set, but for weekday holidays, it'd be nice to have the ability to tell the clock to skip just a single day of the alarm, rather than having to temporarily turn the alarm off, and then back on again the next day.

What's DOS?
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Re: Skip an alarm

Agree. I discovered a need for that feature this weekend.
Paper Tape
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Re: Skip an alarm

I hope the Lenovo Smart Display gets the same feature as the Hub Max:


In addition, the camera in the Hub Max is a full-fledged Nest security camera, and you can use it to monitor your home and get activity alerts when you’re away. It supports streaming a live view from the camera to your phone, two-way audio so you can have a conversation with someone in front of the Hub Max, and the Nest Aware service that includes continuous video recording and the ability to recognize familiar faces. Whenever someone is viewing the camera feed, the Hub Max will display a notification on the screen and the green light will blink. No other smart display offers this kind of extended functionality with the camera and it sets the Hub Max apart.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Feature Requests

Smart clock definitely needs more on screen controls!


Better music player -upnp / windows media player / even windows file shares browsing and playlist, 


ALL MEDIA PLAYERS NEED PLAYLISTS Smiley Wink when did we give them up? Winamp was awesome! YouTube playlists are ok, but you can't see videos info before you queue them! Just hope you get the right one.


And a little more customisation, wallpaper, more ring tones.


Routines that let you specify where to run them to my clock "make phone call on my mobile to mom" or "check my mobile for messages"


And finally for now, proper alarm modification from home app.


This little thing is about 75% what it could be Smiley Wink ive been wanting the full thing for years, got closer here, didnt expect or want voice control, but hey its not too bad!



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