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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Feature Requests

Oh one that Google would have to buy in and it would definitely fix many issues, proper routines that can be re ordered and happen before/at/after etc events. And more controls for them, why do we need a device for automaton management of that or external services like IFTTT or Tasker Smiley Happy


I suspect routines was needed but google really didn't want to go all out with home automation when others do products specifically for that, but its practically there, why not give us a full blown ruleset?





Punch Card
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Re: Feature Requests

Not going to read all these, my opinion though we need a toggle switch for always leaving on the display.

Instead of having that ambient feature which always dims .


Another great feature would be having the display of the device being controlled stay on instead of going off after a few seconds.

Trying to control Android TV and after a few seconds it goes back to the normal Google home screen..

Paper Tape
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Re: Feature Requests

It's a shame that the smart clock doesn't have advanced alarm features. The Android clock app has more settings than a dedicated alarm clock device!


In particular, it would be nice to be able to adjust the auto-dismiss on the alarm so that the alarm will shut off after two minutes or so, if one so chooses. This is a feature that is available on Android Clock App and many alarm clock apps.

Paper Tape
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Re: Feature Requests

"And finally for now, proper alarm modification from home app."


YES! Such an easy-to-implement feature surely. It would be so useful to manage alarms remotely from a phone.

Paper Tape
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Re: Feature Requests

I would love to see these things added to my Lenovo 10" display....

1) The ability to use the Camera on the front of it like the Nest Hub Max does. Even as a normal, non facial recongintion camera, it would be welcome.

2) Casting to the device, like from a chromecast TV, though I have understood that maybe this is not possible due to how the display is designed?

3) Full featured vertical support. Anything that can be done horazontally, should be able to be dont vertically.

4) Options to custimize what things show up on the display when its idle. Time is fine, but I would like outside temp, nest temp for house, top three calendar items, date, and that rooms lighting options as chooseable quick marks on the idle/clock screen.  

What's DOS?
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Re: Feature Requests

A feature I would love is the ability to activate a childlock of some sort if required. Have had the children inadvertently set alarms at all hours Smiley Happy

What's DOS?
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Re: Feature Requests

My feature request is that the tp-link kasa cameras which start working again from the smart display as it just stays on the loading screen...please help Smiley Happy

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Re: Feature Requests

The ambient light sensor is just way to sensitive in how it responds to light changes.


If you move in front of a light, this small and temporary change in light intensity aften times is enough to trigger a change in display brightness. 


This affects all Lenov smart displays I've come across so far and should be changed. Just take a cue from Amazon and how the handle this on there Echo devices.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Feature Requests

Good idea to make this list!
On the Smart Display the settings option is very limited. In fact no settings at all (only showing photos). To make it easier to adjust items: fi. how many minutes before the screen brightness is dimmed etc.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Feature Requests

Can a feature be added to the smart clock to give a notification when there is an incoming call on a smart display?

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