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Paper Tape
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Re: Feature Requests

Me too!  I thought this was going to be possible when I bought it... It has weather and video!

Paper Tape
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Re: Feature Requests

Or Google keep! Crazy Google home/assistant doesn't work well with keep

Paper Tape
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Re: Feature Requests

You can cast from your phone to the screen from youtube. Google unfortunatly killled chrome to phone (and the reverse) a long time ago.



Don't hold your breath for any features to actaully come of this thread though. Lenove never bothered to implement the most basic of features like bluetooth. Lenovo Doesn't actaully care about investing time/effort into streamlining this product.




Paper Tape
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Problems detected in my first week of use and I hope they can be corrected by firmware

1 You cannot set musical alarms that work well on other devices.
2 You cannot play Spotify in random mode.
3 It has no incremental volume on alarms
4 it does not save the configuration and options of the last alarm for the next ones, it is necessary to select again tone and options in each alarm
5 Every time you set a voice alarm you have to finish setting it (tone, routine...) and confirm it on the screen.
6 You cannot create a routine when the alarm sounds to turn on lights and so on, you can only execute the "good morning" routine but it is when the alarm stops, not when it starts to sound.
7 The minimum voice volume is too high for an bed alarm clock


(I use Spanish language in it)

Punch Card
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Re: Problems detected in my first week of use and I hope they can be corrected by firmware

There is a feature request post. 
Most of these have been asked by other owners/customers.

Id ask there, seems some of them do become implemented after time 


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Feature Requests

I think my request of feature is not so complicated. It would be really great to have  the date displayed. I think it is natural with a clock ...


thank you

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Feature Requests

Quite a simple one this, can the weather displayed on the weather clock face be used to call up a more detailed forecast by touching.


Touch alarm, call up alarm settings, touch weather text or temp call up forecast.





What's DOS?
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Gentle wake up support.

Since last year google has the Gentle wake up command which slowly turns on your lights, see


It should trigger for alarms set, but doesnt seem to trigger on lenovo alarms. I would love support for this.

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