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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo Smart Display 10"

Smart Display freezes after a short while, screen goes black and reload icon (rotating arrow) just spins.  Power off/on and reboot (holding both volume buttons for 8 secs) correct the problem initially, but it returns shortly.  Please help.  Thanks!

Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo Smart Display 10"

If a factory reset isn't fixing your problem you probably have a bad unit. Some people were reporting problems with firmware updates out of box but not constant rebooting. I have had my display set up for a year or more, besides getting new features much slower than Google's own devices, it's worked flawlessly. If it doesn't set up after a factory reset correctly and work I would return it or contact Lenovo for warranty info if return isn't possible. I like my Lenovo display way more than my Google Nest Hub, I haven't messed with the new Hub yet. Lenovo's 10in still beats the new Hub IMO with its higher screen resolution. Good luck.

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Re: Lenovo Smart Display 10"

Hi @BigDaddy21,


Did the issue resolve itself?

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Punch Card
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Solved. Re: Lenovo Smart Display 10"

Hello every one this is my first post.


I have 2 smart displays an 8" and the 10". The 10" is in the living room and the 8" is in the kitchen. I also have 2 smart light bulbs both working on the 2 devices.

On the 8" if I say hey google turn the lamp/dining room light on it will say okay turning lamp/dining room light on but on the 10" it says nothing just a pinging noise, it does turn the lights on, how do I get the 10" to say okay turning lights on?


When you say hey google turn the lights on/off and you get a chime this is a new feature if you have a display in the same room as a light bulb or other smart device, if you want to hear google say okay turning light on/off move the light to another room in the google home app.

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