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Lenovo Smartclock Disconnects from WIFI

Hi, I have no problem setting up my Lenovo clock. However, it doesn't seem to stay connected to the WIFI. I am using the Google Home app on my phone. When i open the app the Lenovo clock shows up as connected, however, when I click to play music it then disconnects and sometimes connects back.... Sometimes it does play one or two songs, then it starts to cut off and doesn't play because it is disconnected. When I go straight to the device and ask a question, it is a 50/50 for sometimes it answers, sometimes it just says it is disconnected from WIFI. 

I have taken this same exact lenovo smart clock to a friends house and controlled it with my phone and it worked PERFECTLY. 

So here are my conclusions:

1. The smart clock does work

2. It is not an issue with the clock to the phone connection

3. It must be my router... but I've tried a million things and can't find a way to fix it.

I have an Arris Surfboard SBG6950AC

It does have 5G and 2.4g, I've connected to the same as my phone of course. Tried both, didn't fix it.

Please advise, I'd really like my Lenovo Smart clock to work!!!

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