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Smart Display response (connected devices) to a power cut/failure

The other day I experienced a power cut (2 hours) and noticed a strange re-set response from the smart devices controlled by the Lenova Smart Display.

The power cut affected everything in the system: smart display, WiFi network and connected devices.


KEY CONCERN: When the power returned...ALL connected devices were set to ON, when prior to the power cut they were all OFF.

You could argue this is not a 'fail-safe' response.


Connected devices on the system are TuyaSmart sockets and RGBC smart bulbs.

FYI - The Lenova Smart Display and WiFi re-booted fine following the power cut.


While the lights turning on was no problem, one of the sockets was controlling and electrical that was a bit of a concern.


Question to forum - Does anyone know HOW to get the system restart (after a power cut) to be either devices OFF or in the state prior to the power cut.

Have checked the Google Home and Device Control Apps and cannot see any setting associated with the 'default/reset' state setting.  Have I missed something, any suggestions?

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Re: Smart Display response (connected devices) to a power cut/failure

That's a problem with the devices you are using, not the Lenovo Smart Display.  The Smart Displays do not send out any sort of device power command as a result of rebooting/power cycling.


You can troubleshoot this yourself to prove this.  Unplug the Smart Display.  Turn off all of your devices.  Use your circuit breaker panel to cut the power to the room(s) or the whole building.  Wait a couple of minutes.  Turn on the circuit breaker(s) again.  Note that the Smart Display is not plugged in, so it can't have any effect on anything.  What happens to the devices?   If they come back powered-on, then it's caused by bad design of the devices.


I have a large home automation installation, and my house experiences periodic power failures.  In all the years I have been using lighting control and other home automation products, they have never, magically turned on by themselves as a result of restoring power.  If you want safe and reliable lighting control, don't buy cheapo generic produts.  Buy major name-brand products.  You get what you pay for.  One highly-reliable brand is the TP-Link family of switches and bulbs.  They simply work, with any Google Home or Amazon Alexa-enabled controller.

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Re: Smart Display response (connected devices) to a power cut/failure


Thanks for the detailed reply and apologies for taking a while to reply.

Think your correct on the device and purchased a TP-Link plug instead and that appears to work fine...and defaults off following a full power-down (socket and associated WiFi network).

Of note, in the meantime the generic WIFi sockets (run by TuyaSmart App) had a firmware update and that has also caused them to NOW default safe following a power-down.  However, I'll stick with TP-Link for critical devices...I just don't trrust the generic devices.


Again, appreciate your insigyhgt and advice.

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