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What's DOS?
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Re: Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

Issue resolved. I uninstalled the update. Then restarted. The reinstalled. It took a couple of times, but is now working great!

Blue Screen Again
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Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

*Update to Post Below:  Today (Jan 21, 2019) there was a notice on my Smart Tab P10 that there was an update on the Amazon Alexa Show App for Lenovo. There was no option other than install the update. After updating the app, it immediately returned to the "Alexa Update Required" screen. Since it was already updated, there was no way to use the "Show Mode".  I restarted the tablet several times but that did nothing. I uninstalled the app and it made me set up the Alexa app, then immediately went to the Update Required screen. It is an inescapable loop rendering the Alexa Show function useless, and that is the primary function of the device.
I contacted Lenovo customer support and they know nothing about a software update. The only thing that they could do is give me an Amazon Alexa customer support number to call.  I called Amazon and they have not been notified of any software update, and they told me to contact Lenovo. I explained the situation again, and am awaiting a call back from an Amazon Alexa Engineer. It's clear that this product was rushed to release at January's CES show, and I feel as though I am a Beta Tester with no compensation. 


Jan 20, 2019:  I've just set up my Smart Tab P10, and I've had difficulty with setting up the interface with Alexa.

  • The device will not let me change the name of the device from what it assigned. I've tried on the device in settings, on another Alexa device in the network, and on the desktop computer through my Amazon account. It just keeps reverting back to the original name.
  • There is also a very limited number of options on the device setting for Alexa; not nearly as many as on a dedicated Amazon Alexa Device. For example, you can't select a picture for display background. You either have to use the default Alexa wallpapers (that I really do not like), or choose a photo slideshow (which is what I have my other Alexa devices set up with). However, when in slideshow mode, the screen starts going crazy, jumping and jittering between photos, background slides, flash briefing cards, etc. I have to undock and redock the tablet, then go into settings and change back to the static Alexa background. 
  • I also cannot find a way to have the device go to sleep, with just a clock on the screen and then wake up with motion or sound detection (like Alexa devices). 
  • There seems to be no way to stop the flash briefings from playing.
  • I thought that the interface had been updated to allow "drop in" but this does not seem to be the case.

I realize that this is a brand new device, and I am hoping that there will be software and firmware updates over time. I love the concept, and the physical tablet device is impressive.  I just hope that Amazon and Lenovo will be able to quickly iron out many of the issues that currently exist with the interface

 Alexa Update Required Lenovo P10.jpg

Alexa Show Mode for Lenovo Smart Tab on Google Play.jpgNotice it says "May not be optimized for your device" AND that it's for the Lenovo Smart Tab. Plus it was preinstalled on the tablet.


What's DOS?
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Re: Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

I have the same issue. It is a shame that the main selling feature of this device doesn't even work out of the box. Very disappointing and honestly I am considering sending it back. It's like buying a car the wheels don't turn. What good is the car if it just sits in the garage? Lenovo customer support is the most disappointing so I am just dreading having to call. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

Mine worked fine prior to the update you desccribe. Now it will not connect to Alexa despite being connected and funcationing with the internet. I may try a reset....

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Re: Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

You shouldnt have Bought this tablet... In about 6/9 months it wont receive any more updates.... Just go and check the update roadmaps for the tab 4 10 plus, the most expensive tab 4 tablet line. Return it before its too late.

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Re: Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

Hi Everyone,


The app has been updated to the latest ver. 6996 in google play. The issue has been fixed from the app server side. Now User can run update progress automatically without any issue.




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Re: Smart Tab P10 Problems with Alexa Interface: Updated

I can't find that update/version on the app store. Latest app shown is 2.2.250163.0 with a date of Jan 3, 2019

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