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What's DOS?
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Buying the alexa smart dock separately

Hi, i jumped the gun slightly and bought the M10 tablet in the UK, a month later the option came out to buy it with the smart dock, something i wasn't aware of at the time.  Is there anyway to buy the Alexa smart dock sperately as i'm desperate for it and it's too late to refund my tablet to get the dock package.


Any help would be great thanks

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Re: Buying the alexa smart dock separately

Hi @Loob82,


Unfortunately the standalone version of this tablet runs on a different image and does not have Dock Support.

Miguel Gonzalez
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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Buying the alexa smart dock separately

this topic is  what I was looking for.

@Miguel_Lenovo  "unfortunately?" are you serious? Smiley Very Happy

It's embarassing...

We are talking about 2 version of SO for the same model.
I cannot imagine what will happen about "updates".


Moreover, In another topic


you wrote:


"Q: What tablets are compatible with the Lenovo Smart Dock?

AOnly Lenovo Smart Tab M10, Smart Tab P10, Tab M10 and Tab P10 models are compatible."




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