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Paper Tape
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Smart Tab P10 problems with camera and with SD card

Good evening,


I am new user of the Smart Tab P10 and even though I thought I was smart myself this device keeps proving otherwise...


Along side with P10 I got San Disk Extreme 128 GBmicroSDXC card with A2 App Performance up to 160 mb/s, class 10, U3, V30 to top up storage of my device. 


Once finished setting up P10 I have decided to set up my new card as internal storage, which P10 was claiming is corrupted ( checked it on different devices and it is not and works perfect ) and had have it formatted on P10. It was set up as requested and should worked fine.


Initially everything was looking ok. I was getting to start using my Tab and started downloading apps and out of suddenly the P10 stopped recognising the card it self. Few time stopped 'seeing it', then started displaying infinite isncorupted again and needed formatting which I have tried to complete but it kept bringing strange information and communicates such as:


- when tried to format it and set up as portable storage "command '7 volume partition disk:179,64 public' failed with '400 7 Command failed',


- when tried to format it and set up as internal storage "java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Thread Binder:1956_8 gave up waiting for PartitionPrivate after 180000ms".


I decided to restart P10 to manufacture setting and started all over again. After few fails with common comunicommun coming up managed to set up again the very same card as internal storage, but since then I can't take any photos as it keeps displaying information "Insert an SD card before using the camera", which I have already did and is used as internal storage. 


Moreover when I try to take a screenshot, it doesn't allow it. I mean it showing kikenit is doing it but then there is no screenshot s to be found anywhere on this device and before you will ask: yes I have checked the photos on the device folders and it is empty.


Please advise as my frustration is growing. This tablet suppose to make my life easier but since I am having it I am just experiencing problems whatever I am trying to do.


P.S. 1 Once I left Tab P10 to charge and got back to it in couple ofmhohrse, the Tab again stopped recognising the SD card and imhad tomstarted AGAIN from the beginning.


P.S. 2 Few more hours passed and I am not able to download an official Word application. It is saying it is downloading but it takes 30-40 minutes and apparatus saying "downloading" nothing is happening.


Inreally would appreciate help from a specialist as need to prepare urgently number of documents and device (Smart Tab P10) purchased as part of my work equipment is not working appropriately and is holding me back with my scheduled jobs.

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Re: Smart Tab P10 problems with camera and with SD card

Hi @Kat20580,


Can you send me a private message with your contact information and serial number?

Miguel Gonzalez
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Lenovo Slovakia




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Smart Tab P10 problems with camera and with SD card



Was this ever resolved as I am in the UK and am having exactly the same issues, the SD card is formatted as internal storage and works for about 15 minutes of copying/downloading data.

Once I reboot, everything works fine for another 15 minutes before it stops writing again.


If I use an application to play the media that I've copied then I have no issues, it's just when copying or downloading onto the SD card.


If it is the SD card then please recommend a make or class that I should be looking for. 


If it is an issue with the tablet then will there be a fix coming? I only have 14 days to return it, which I really don't want to do, it's a fantastic tablet otherwise





Fanfold Paper
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Re: Smart Tab P10 problems with camera and with SD card

Just to say that formatting my 256 gb card as portable storage has resolved my issues. Thanks to everyone at Lenovo Support, you are brilliant!! Smiley Happy
What's DOS?
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Re: P10 and 128gb SD cards

I had the same issue. That same Scan Disk sd card simply would not work in my P10, no matter what I did. To see if it was the sd card, I tried it in my LG v20 phone and it worked perfectly. So, I ordered a Samsung Evo microsdxc 128GB and it worked in my P10 perfectly, no issues. Not sure what the difference is between the sd cards but one worked and the other didn't. 

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