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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-07-30, 7:07 AM

Let's try it like this... while it's not the most beautiful and seamless design... People were complaining left and right that the 3-cell wasn't large enough because it only held 1.5 - 2 hours of life...


Now that they have the 6 cell which gives you about 2.5 - 3 hours (compared to the woefully inaccurate 5 - 6 that they state on the website).. you are now just nit picking...


If you didn't want the small size of a netbook, then really you could of just easily gone with a Y530+ series computer and while bigger you would have not only a 6 cell that fits but also better overall quality...


Research what you want to purchase rather than purchasing because it was cheap, small and cute... You get what you paid for. If you like it great, if not, then sell it. Quiet simple really...


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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-07-30, 15:05 PM



I think you should have kept your opinion to yourself.


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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-07-30, 15:26 PM

When I purchased my S10-2, I had done some research (but probably not enough).  Nonetheless, pictures of the S10-2 WITH the 3-cell AND the 6-cell are clearly visible on the Lenovo website (S-series gallery). 


While I can sort of agree that it isn't *pictured* in the PDF spec sheet, they DO tell you the dimensions and weight of the machine with the 3-cell or 6-cell.   There shouldn't have been any confusion or surprise...


R400/7443-CTO. P8600, 2GB/160GB, 6-cell, 14.1" WXGA/webcam, BT, TP wireless b/g, Vista 32 Home Basic.

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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-07-31, 19:32 PM

I like the elevated design of the battery.


• It provides a more confortable typing angle.

• Air circulation from under the base is improved.

• Tipping in the direction of the display is reduced.

• The extension of the battery provides easy handling.


To each his own I guess.


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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-08-01, 4:55 AM
Otto:  It's nice to see that there are other ppl out there that likes this design.  Well said....to each his own.

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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-08-03, 19:03 PM

I have to weigh in on the 6 cell battery.


First if you remember the full size keyboards there are little fold down feet on the bottom rear of the keyboard. These feet, when opened, lift the back of the keyboard making it easier use. I use them most of the time on my desktops. The 6 cell battery does this and I like the back of the unit raised a little bit.


Next, because the back of the unit is elevated a little it provides more air space under the back of the unit and probably marginally improves cooling so the fan doesn't run as much.


Next, I appreciate the 5+ hour battery life as I can take it on a day trip and not worry about packing the AC adapter.


Finally, a personal preferrence. I have Arthritis in both hands and the rounded back edge makes it much easier to hold on to when carrying it.


I wanted one with the 6 cell battery.


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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-08-03, 21:53 PM

I must agree that the design of the 6-cell battery SUCKS for the Lenovo S12 netbook!  I was interested in buying one or more of these netbooks when I read about them a couple of months ago.  The info (from Lenovo) was that the S12 would be available with a 3-cell or 6-cell battery.


However, now that they were actually released for sale, I cannot find any S12's with a 3-cell battery.  I called Lenovo and the guy told me that they are not available with a 3-cell battery.


Hey Lenovo...Wake up, there are many of us out here that care more about size, shape and light weight than extra long battery life.  Unless I see a 3-cell S12 soon, I will buy another brand!




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Lenovo S12 Not Available With a 3-cell Battery???

2009-08-03, 22:02 PM

I have been trying to locate and purchase a new Lenovo S12 netbook with a 3-cell battery.  All I can find is the terribly-designed 6-cell battery model!


Does anyone have info on when Lenovo is releasing the S12 with a 3-cell battery as originally planned?  Please do NOT reply if only to tell me that a 6-cell battery offers longer life... I know that already.  Thanks.


There must be others like me who would rather have an S12 with a 3-cell battery so that the netbook is lighter and easier to carry in a briefcase.  Not to mention that the 6-cell battery for the S12 is butt ugly!





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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-08-03, 23:40 PM

TravelPerson, I can understand your frustration that Lenovo isn't offering the S12 with a 3-cell, since it was specifically advertised/mentioned. In addition, since you did your research and haven't made the purchase yet, I think you have the valid right to make the complaint.


I don't have a 6-cell for my S10 yet, and have to be honest that it doesn't look that attractive; it would have been nice if Lenovo were to make a 6-cell that complements the general shape of the S10. That being said, I will be getting one as soon as I have sufficient financial aid from college, as I think the battery overcomes it's unattractiveness by long life and keyboard elevation.


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Re: 6-Cell Design Sucks!!!

2009-08-04, 1:08 AM

Lenovo SUCKS so much for giving people extra value.... while people whom buys other netbook complains that 3 cell battery life isn't enough and they want 6 cells instead.... obviously SOME people whom buys Lenovo S10-2 don't appreciate or like to get free upgrades...... 




Jin Li

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