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Paper Tape
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[ASK] S10-2 : SLIC ver. in latest bios update

hi, i'm new here..


n i'm planning to buy this netbook.


i just wanna make sure one thing.


is the latest bios update for s10-2(ver. 1ACN21WW) has SLIC 2.1 in it ?


coz i want to reinstall it with win 7.


i read in internet, win 7 needs SLIC 2.1 in it's bios.


pls gimme feedbacks about it..


n pls, anyone who had managed reinstalling it with win 7 share ur experience here.. hopefully, like a tutorial..





i'm asking about this, coz i think i have to update the bios, if i want to install win 7.

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Community Moderator
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Re: [ASK] S10-2 : SLIC ver. in latest bios update

Hi and welcome to lenovo forum,

the latest BIOS for S10-2 machine is 21 thats correct ...

i prefer to Backup before you install other OS if you want to go back to factory install,

after this you can easy install all OS you want ... all works well

Windows 7, or  Vista (iam not really prefer)  ... Linux in many variations ... and naturally XP ...


sincerely KalvinKlein


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Paper Tape
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Re: [ASK] S10-2 : SLIC ver. in latest bios update.

glad to know that.. kudos for u, mate..


really appreciate ur help here.. Smiley Happy

Blue Screen Again
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Re: [ASK] S10-2 : SLIC ver. in latest bios update

You only need a BIOS with a SLIC table of v2.1 if you plan on installing using the Windows 7 version of Lenovo's Recovery Media.
Some models will probably never have their BIOS upgraded with v2.1 SLIC table as they were never intended to be sold with Windows 7.

SLIC table v2.1 in BIOS

  • If your machine didn't come with a licence of Windows 7, Lenovo won't be able to supply you with the Windows 7 Recovery Media legally.
  • If it did, you should be able to create you own media, else Lenovo Warranty Support can probably supply them at a cost.

SLIC table v2.0, below or none

  • You can't use Lenovo's Windows 7 Recovery Media, as the OS won't activate.
  • YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN COPY OF WINDOWS 7, as the SLIC v2.1 table is only required for OEM versions supplied to large vendors (like Lenovo).
  • The Windows 7 upgrade offer via Lenovo aren't proper Lenovo Recovery Media, but just upgrade discs supplied by Microsoft, hence why they work without needing a SLIC v2.1 table.

Hope this helps,

Ka Hooli

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