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Punch Card
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About WLAN supported adapters (802.11ac 2x2) for S340-15API series.

I have S340-15API with Atheros 802.11ac 1x1 (qca9377). This is a very lousy adapter for sensitivity and speed. If you are sitting in 3-4m for direct line of sight to router, the speed is still acceptable, but if you take the laptop to 6-7m, sitting behind the non-capital wall of the house, then the speed drops to the infamous 35-60Mbit/s. At the same time, a laptop with Intel 9560 2x2 surely shows 180Mbit/s+ in the same place. With QCA9377 is impossible to watch a movie from the NAS in same places, the picture constantly freezes for 1080p movies (10-35Mbit/s bitrate).


Moreover, the reviews of stores and forums are full of similar negative remarks on the occasion of QCA9377, that is, clearly this is not a problem specifically for my adapter copy, but an architectural bugs of the adapters of this series Qualcomm as a whole (or not correct design by Lenovo for S340). Because people already many times changed this Atheros 1x1 to Intel 3165 (9462) also with 1x1, they write that after replacing Qualcomm chip for Intel chips speed and stability of the wi-fi improved significantly. I do not want to change it to Intel 1x1, because my router supports 802.11ac 3x3 MU-MIMO for many years. And Intel 9560 2x2 is very good in my other laptop, as I wrote above. I do not understand why Lenovo puts such a miserable adapter (with QCA9377) on laptops. which can not be used even behind the wall from the router. And in addition to a series of laptops that do not have a cable connection at all, because missing RJ45 port. -( Therefore, I decided to change the QCA9377 to 9560NGW 2x2, as there is every chance of its work. Probably only one problem exists with this exchange - purely for marketing reasons, Lenovo did not include 9560NGW in the "white list" of wlan adapters in the BIOS for S340-15API series.


On Lenovo forums, I found a comments by another S340-15API buyer who was trying to install 9260NGW. He was not identified in his notebook. But I did not find his support in the "white list" in any of the S340 families for 9260NGW.


I analyzed support for the 9560NGW in the S340 series, and found it in the S340-14IWL (81N7xxxxxx).
And with exactly the same keys and pin configuration as for Intel 3165 and 9462, which are both declared in the compatibility list for my model S340-15API (81NCxxxxxx), see screenshot from S340-14IW compability list for 9560NGW:

WLAN for S340.jpg

 it have same keys and pins as 3165 and 9462 from compability list for my S340-15API(81NCxxxxxx):

Intel 1x1 wlan working with Ryzen.JPG01AX795_A.jpg


Atheros connected by USB3.0 (in HWINfo) in M.2 2230 slot. Will two antenna wires in S340 fit the 9560NGW? And will the 9560NGW work for USB3.0, but not for pci-e or both mode available for S340 mainboard?


And I read that most stores sell 9560NGW without CNVIO support. Does it matter? I have already seen a branch here where the owner of the S340 tried to put 9260 (2x2 too), but with CNVIO support. He did not work. As far as I understand, since 9560 is already declared in S340-14IWL as compatible for the S340 series, it is obliged to work in S340-15API, the only question is what version should be bought in the store so that it does not make a mistake with BIOS support.


I don’t understand why Lenovo didn’t put in whitelist for S340-15API Intel 8265NGW and 9260NGW? Judging by the keys and pins, they are fully compatible with the S340-15API, like the Realtek 8822BE (01AX712 module) fully compotible with s340-15API series:



Compare this Realtek 2x2 with Intel 8265NGW and 9260NGW from online stores screenshot - same pins and keys!


Apparently, all three adapters - 8265NGW, 9260NGW and 9560NGW are to work normally with S340-15API, because they are fully compatible by pins and keys, as well as supporting the necessary technologies, with the exception of only one - for marketing reasons they are not whitelisted in the BIOS for S340-15API, despite the fact that the 9560NGW is 100% compatible with S340-15API, based on screenshot 9462NGW, which is 100% compatible with S340-15API according to data compability list from for 81NCxxxxxx series.


p.s. At the same time, the AX200 adapter with Wi-Fi 6 support is already being sold on the market and very cheap, 13-17$ in online-stores . Will it work in S340-15API?

Punch Card
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Re: About WLAN supported adapters (802.11ac 2x2) for S340-15API series.

I test my 9560NGW, it not work... :-(


9260NGW and 9560NGW not work in S340-15API series, although a 9462NGW with exactly the same pin and keys layout works seamlessly by Lenovo's compatibility list for 81NCxxxxxx.


This means that Lenovo simply did not want to give the opportunity to install by users the network adapters from Intel 2x2 not whitelist them in the BIOS.

my 9560NGW:



9462NGW (01AX795) from whitelist for S340-15API (81NCxxxxx):



As you can see, there are no differences in pins and keys.


It remains only to patch the "white list" in the BIOS for the inclusion of 8265NGW, 9260NGW and 9560NGW. Or even remove this list...


Other laptop manufacturers have no such problems. Think what to buy ...

Punch Card
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Location: RU
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Re: About WLAN supported adapters (802.11ac 2x2) for S340-15API series.

Based on the available data about the100% working of 9260NGW in T495 and T495s and on the basis of the feedback from another S340-15API buyer on the same forum that buy 9260 and it was not detected in his S340, and my test 9560NGW in S340 with negative result, I come to the logical conclusion that the problem is exclusively in the whitelist from Lenovo. So, in the direct opposition Lenovo marketers vs buyers of the cheap S340 series with Ryzens, marketers forbade these two high-quality adapters from Intel to whitelist the BIOS, leaving only the option with a crappy 2x2 rialtek, which has a lot of complaints on the forum, so that buyers could not even try install high-quality components from Intel into a cheap series with AMD hardware. Everything is clear and clear. And it's disgusting...

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