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Re: Anyone Happy with their U330?

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Hello there,


i just got my u330 from shop (Poland) and its my first day of using it.


first of all, there are some differences in config: it comes with p8400 c2d@2.26ghz, ive seen some with 2ghz t7sthing, unfortunately it's packed with ddr2@800@1.5V which affects both speed and power drain, and 320gb hdd which is i think standard in u330.


otherwise its the same model as yrs.


first impressions:


1. sharp design, small packed, very light and thin. GOOD


2. keyboard. here lies a bit of a dissappointment, cos the buttons do not work just with the jump, but you have to press them in the middle if you type fast to get a character. they also work a bit too loud. maybe it's my impression, but definietly they are not quiet. BAD


3. chasis is fine, no bend NORMAL :]


4. battery. i'm in the testing phase, so it'll take some more days to tell how it works in the field. but just from vista readings, i can get a bit more than 4 hours on power saving mode with some light activities, BT off, wifi on, backlight 10-20%. didn't check with ati graphics, but will do that in upcoming day.


i also noted that issue regarding processor speed, it doesnt go below 1.5ghz which is a nonsense, as it would go nicely also at 1ghz speed, too much juice on power saving mode.


5. sounds, that beep when you plug/unplug the adapter is a total disaster, thankfully it can be turned off. as for the infamous jingle, for now there is only one solution, macguyver stylish: take a minijack from old/broken headphones, cut it off, and jam it in the hphones connector on bootup. untill lenovo makes a patch for bios/windows thats the only way to deal with it doestn work...


for now thats it. hope that the keyboard issue, which for now is the only major drawback will resolve in time, as the keys or my hands get used to each other.




 ps. remove all the stickers from the chasiss: green lenovo, and three from intel,vista,ati, it looks a whole world better (not that it looked pants before, it's still one of the best looking laptop on the market.)

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U330 owner
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Re: Anyone Happy with their U330?

I got mine couple of Hrs back and the only thing I did was switched to Integrated graphics mode.

At first my battery showed me 3 Hrs 50 Min. I kept my laptop going without powersupply i.e. on battery mode and to my surprise it was going up rather than going down its now reached 4 Hrs 10 minis.


I now understand. The reason is New laptop battery take some time to reach its full peak performance, So do not conclude without giving adequate time. For those who are not getting 3 Hrs even after switching off graphics.. I think they need to check with lenovo. At least mine seems to be working as expected. I was expecting some where around 4 Hrs.. and its giving me bit more than that.


Will keep you posted with battery status.. as time passes 

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Re: Anyone Happy with their U330?

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I have been disappointed with my u330 for many reasons:


1. It took over 6 weeks to deliver. If Lenovo had stated this when purchased it wouldn't be a big deal, but instead it indicated a 2 week delivery time and then kept rolling it for two more weeks until it finally arrived.


2. I picked it up while visiting my parents in the US and then left for abroad (I work for an environmental organization in Indonesia). As soon as I used the keys in the lower right corner (mainly the up/down/right/left arrows), I heard this really annoying noise and it felt like the keyboard was loose (it sort of depresses into the computer). The sound and feeling has gotten worse with time. I use the arrows a lot for my work, which relies heavily on Microsoft Excel. It is embarassing in meetings and frustrating when alone. Also, the keys are generally quite loud.


3. The battery power is MUCH weaker than I would have imaged given the advertisements. Using "power saver" mode I can barely get 2.25-2.5 hours.


4. When playing music from iTunes I occasionally hear a static noise - that is definitely not a part of the song.


5. When playing movies the screen appears a bit washed out and not as crisp as I would have hoped.


6. The time it takes to boot up is quite long and the system seems VERY slow overall. I had an Apple (four years old) prior to purchasing this Lenovo - mainly ecause I prefer the Microsoft programs on PC - but I'd have to say right now I prefer my 4 year old Apple (which still works just fine) over this Lenovo.


I'm not sure if perhaps I have a "lemon," or if this is standard for Lenovo, but I am hoping to return for service (at least to fix the keyboard). Mark, or someone with the Lenovo team, please let me know if these reasons will make it possible to service my computer when I'm in the US around Christmas/New Years. I really hope to resolve my problems.......




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Re: Anyone Happy with their U330?

Hi Sarah,


I don't think you have a lemon. Your are probably experiencing all the issues normally reported for the u330 (actualy not all, since you don't complain about the bent chassis). Some people have only one or two issues. I'm on the same boat as you, I'm experiencing almost all those issues, plus the bent chassis, and cannot service the machine since I live in Brasil. Some issues can be minimized:


1- the screen is washed out, but you can play a little bit with settings. You can find good settings on the post 524 of this tread:


It works well for the intel card (I prefer less brightness on the red channel myself).


2- On the battery life you are probably experimenting the hibernation issue. Some u330 consum twice more energy after returing from hibernation. Check if this is your case. After hiberation I get 2-2.5 hours in saver mode with two levels of brightness, but if it returns from a reboot it can give 3.5-4 hours or more. You can learn more this issue over the tread on the u330 power management. Mark is invetigating this issue, but after his last comment I don't think we'll have a solution soon.


3- I and other people also have squeaky keys on the keyboard. Apparently this not limited to a specific key. For me is the spacebar. I don't imagine another solution other than replacing the keyboard.


4- The other - boot time, slow performance, and static noise - I didn't notice in my sample. What I did notice is that the intel graphics appears to be really underperformant. I can't see a dvd with the X4500 without freazing and lags. This was not the case with the less powerfull onboard graphics (X3100) of my last notebook.


Hope you can solve at least part of your problems.





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Re: Anyone Happy with their U330?

I love mine. Cannot beat it for the price. Mine came with 32 bit XP, vista disc in the box. I upgraded to 32 win7 and love it even more. $500. what a steal. runs fast, battery lasts plenty long. large HD


It would like another usb on the other side and maybe a blue tooth.. 


Well worth it.



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