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When I use earbuds with the S205, I can hear faint (very faint, but nonetheless present) audio static (as well as a slight, uneven high-pitched tone).  Use of the Touchpad, a mouse, or HDD access changes the character of the static.


The static is not affected by the audio volume setting (i.e., it doesn't get louder or softer and it is always the same), and when anything at all is being driven through the audio system, any static is unnoticeable (and the sound is undistorted).


However, when there is "silence", it is really annoying.


I've plugged in my Klipsch desktop sound system, and I don't notice the static at all but with earbuds on the problem persists.


Warning: The following workaround requires users to dissemble the laptop. Please proceed at your own risk.


Reference material: The S205 HMM  here



Tools required

A piece of paper(or insulation tape)

A screwdriver

A steady hand


1. Remove the palmrest, keyboard, upper keyboard frame and look for the screw-hole above the HDD located in the upper right corner (refer to boxed area in picture below.)


S205 Uncovered Sound Distortion 001.jpg


2. Get a small piece of paper or strip of insulation tape (approximately 5mm by 5mm). Insert this between the lower case and mainboard ,next to the screw-hole and near the power plug to reduce contact between the cover and the main board.


S205 Uncovered Sound Distortion 002.jpg


3. Lift the main board slightly so that you can push the paper between the gap. Make a hole in the paper with a screwdriver for the screw to be put in later. Make sure that the insulating material is fixed between the cover and the main board.


S205 Uncovered Sound Distortion 003.jpg


4. Reassemble your S205 and plug in headphones, which should work now without the static/ whine.


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