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Re: Back up on S10E ...

[ Edited ]

Update : Before i test the S10FanControl  yesterday ..

 I check the Acronis TrueImage 2009 Trial (english) on my S10e ...

the trial version unlucky doesnt write the backup...only full version could manage this for you ! ....

So i try the important thing of it the function recover ... iam having the the data image files performed by the older version

of Acronis TrueImage 11... to check it out...


First i say it works ...

 I made a Rescue Media thrue TI 2009 with 8 GB USB Flashdrive and put the backupfiles on it, which i made with the former Version Acronis TrueImage 11... Then i try to backup, with this bootable flashdrive as the whole Rescue Media Stick..


What i say before it works !!! 

and now the but....

but due the unlucky new menue structure (its not more low resolution conform)

that is differ from the formerly version 11, that i used daily ..

its a bit tricky you must now scroll the window to the most right position and down

 to check the (next) buttons in this newer version...

 thats it.. but the whole procedure is the same a i descibed earlier..


For those of you who will buy this program look for the older version Acronis TrueImage 11

or if you already have the latest version of Acronis TrueImage2009

write an e-mail to Acronis that they fix the buttons or the windows size so that it is more compatible to netbook screenformat like 1024x576/600..


This information I do not deny ..  before i forgot this to publish...


regards KalvinKlein


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Re: Back up on S10E ...

Hello KalvinKlein,


I just want to let you know that I'm comfortable with the Acronis True Image solution for hard drive backup on the S10e. - Synchronizing the user files between multiple computers still needs some thought and refinement, but a couple of SDHC cards are fine for now.


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