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Barebones Laptop Project tossing between U310, U410 & N581

Hi guys/gals,


I am reasearching for a kickstarter project I am working on in that I am trying to build the shell to a barebones laptop. The outer designs are pending and I've found a manufacturer who is willing to mould the prototype and now I am down to the hardwareside of things so I can finalise the 3D models i'm working on! Eventually planned are 3 sizes..obviously tried & tested 13'' 15'' & 17''... One of the core fundamentals in which I am stuck on is the 'motherboard'! As mentioned in the title, and starting with the 13'' I am tossing up on donoring from the U310, U410 & N581..


Firstly, my needs/wants are Ivy Bridge i5/i7, 8-32GB RAM, HDMI out or perhaps even Display port, at least 2 x USB 3.0 and an SD Card Slot.


In my research I found that the cheapest way to Ivy Bridge ownership with the some of the specs I mentioned previously, is via the N581 with a i5-3230M @ 2.6GHz... which seen here ( can be had here in Germany for 450€... might I add the Base spec 13'' MBP is even a slight step below with the i5-3210 @ 2.5GHz......but 1249€... these two CPU's have the exact same tray price from Intel of US$225. that rant over Smiley Happy


So my questions are;


1.  Assuming and please correct me if i'm wrong, but my thinking is as long as the CPU sockets match..whereby the N581 using the i5-3230M can be either FCBGA1023 or FCPGA988, any CPU that fits that socket and cooling issues aside, would or should work? Basically saying, if I use the motherboard with an Ivy Bridge CPU, as long as any other CPU is the same socket, should open the door to the possibility of other CPU speeds?


2. Without having to buy a working laptop to pull it apart just to get at the motherboard. Does anyone know where I can get a motherboard for these laptops as a spare part.... I have called Lenovo US, GB and DE and all have given conflicting answers... US & GB say its possible but only from a Lenovo retailer from within the country I am and DE has said its not possible fullstop as when a repair like this needs to be done, the laptop has to 'go in'.. I have been hunting online at ebay, google, yahoo, bing and can't find any info anywhere... Of course I would bewilling to pay for it and at the end of the day if I have to go the new laptop route then so be it... 


3. Im a little scared about the reports I have heards of slow Wifi Connections on the U310 & U410... 


4. On a legal front and perhaps someone from Lenovo can enlighten me on the subject. Would there be a legal issue with me using the motherboard from their laptop in my product? I think that if I were to buy the product, what I do with it would be fine? or?


I guess that enough questions for now, I hope this can open a door to further discussions..




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