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Paper Tape
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Battery life

Hi everybody…

I have a new Lenovo U450p notebook.

Please help me to know more about my battery. My computer most of the times plug in to ac power.

Is better to do this or disconnect battery completely from notebook?

Is better to charge and discharge or charge the battery and disconnect it and keep it in dry place?

How can I take care about my battery?

Please professional person answer me with reasons,and please send me a copy of your answer to


Thank you


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Re: Battery life



Personally, I would recommend keeping the battery in the notebook for several reasons:


1) It protects you against data loss if the AC power glitches

2) It ensures the system will run 100% CPU capabilities on demand - some systems will scale the CPU a bit if the battery is removed to ensure adequate power is available to support all USB and other possible connections.  The battery helps the system manage through any peaks in power demand.


If you feel that you want to store the battery, I believe the popular recommendation is to store it at about 40% charge level.  Others may have somewhat different recommendations - I'm not sure there is an absolute answer.


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life

Thank you very much for your reply

I think I prefer to not put it away.but if I allways plug my computer to AC,battery would not dead?How can I ask lenovo technical support?

They have e-mail or other way for asking questions?

thank you


Blue Screen Again
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How to improve the battery life of Lenovo y470 ?

Hi guys,

I am having a Lenovo y470 (4 gig ram, nvidia gt540m , i5

When I first got this laptop (which about 2 months ago) the battery lasted for almost ~4 hours but now I am getting like ~ 2 hours or lesser battery life only .

Can any one help me understand why the battery life has plunged so drastically.

I use it for programming using Eclipse and normal browsing.



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Retired Moderator
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Re: How to improve the battery life of Lenovo y470 ?

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