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Paper Tape
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Black Screen on Lenovo U550 but sound is working

Hello I have weird problem. I change in bios VGA to integrated (there are two graphics card) after that when I start notebook I have black screen but I heard that bios started sound, so its look like I have only no image but nb is working. Problem is that now I cant change it back cause I dont see anything. HDMI and VGA cable also not working.
So I asking if someone with same model can post me picture of bios so I can try it change it on blind with help of these pictures. I also try to reset bios with removing that small baterry but thats not working either.
Thanks for you help.

Paper Tape
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Re: Black Screen on Lenovo U550 but sound is working



I think it's simple to fix it. You can do it blindly Smiley Happy Push power on --> tap on the F2 twice or more for surely get into bios --> wait few second --> push F9 (load defaults) and enter --> tap on F10 (save settings and exit) and enter


That's all.

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