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Configure Intel Optane on 330s-15ikb


I have a Lenovo 330s-15ikb with 13.4GB PCIe 1.0 optane memory card. After I updated my windows 10 family to pro, and also changed to legacy to be able to boot on my USB disk, when I chaged from AHCI to RST, my OS take like 5 minutes or more to boot up and launch the startup programs and load the deskop programs icons. I went to the BIOS menu it shows my 2 disk as non raid. I installed intel Optane memory software I get that error:

Error Enabling Intel® Optane™ Memory
Unsupported System BIOS or System BIOS is set in Legacy Mode.
Contact your BIOS vendor for the latest version and support.
Error Code: 0xA008002D

I have the latest bios version wich is 7SCN29WW.exe and I have the latest IRST driver installed, I have RST premium controller My Windows 10 Pro version is 1809. I also install intel Rapid storage but my 2 drives marked with a green checked icon but it does not configure the disks to use them.


I got an error that it cannot install the drivers on the Windows recovery partition but the optane will still working when installing the Intel optane memory software. I followed those steps  (4.1 factory Built Systems) and it still not working.


What is the problem? What should I do?


Here are my partitions:



optane.png.jpgrst premium.png.jpg



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