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Paper Tape
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Cracks on lid near hinges

I may consider myself as a careful user, however, my S10 developed cracks on both side of the lid near the hinges after 10 months of usage. I bring it down to the local lenovo service centre but was told it's not under warrenty. They said that this is a cosmetic wearing so cannot claim under warranty. They also said that there is no part no. for the lid to be reported as an item under warranty.

Is this so? Because I have read about this as a common issue among 1st generation of S10. Thus, the redesign of better hings in S10-2. My warranty is ending soon, is there any hope that I can replace the lid for this?
lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

post a pic of the crack, and lets see what it is.... most cracks develop due to overtight hinges and/or manufacturing flaws on the case (i.e. have microscopic cracks or perfect square corners). Usually the tiny microscopic cracks under cyclic stress from opening and closing causes the crack to propagate. 


If it is a manufucturing flaws and not due to user abuse, then i think it is only fair that it should be covered under normal warranty.  




Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
Paper Tape
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

Yup mine too developed crack on right side. Its just 3 months old baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wide opened whenever i tried to open or close the lid......So what i did just opened it and loosened the screws a little so as to

reduce spring load of washers ............ Why i did !!!!!!??????????????

because instead of arguing to some dumb person who thinks that lid is only cosmetic part i made my own decision ...........

NOT ADVICE TO OTHER FOR THE SAME but really thinks that lenovo engineers should really re calibrate the hinges tightness according to body strength they are way to tight for the type of anchorage provided by body Also put some good quality grease  if its really there min were having little amount of greasy past which was not serving the purpose ............ HOPE THEY WILL LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Result is really good after looseningSmiley Happy

almost zero stress now hope the crack doesn't widen up any more ................

I still think the body is still plasticky though feel solid but some weakness is present and doesn't boost confidence......... 

Not posting any pic as i don't advice people to do this on ur own ( service center is 500Km away for me )........

So people who see their  S10 hinges tight( body or lid stressing near the hinges while opening or closing) go to nearest service station and ask for help!!!!!!!!!!!! and pray to god!!!!!!!

I think these problems should not occur as companies tests these products i guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if by chance their is some issues the their is no harm in informing people to first check urself and if doubtful then come to sevice center for checkup PRECAUTION IS BETTER  THAN CURE


Paper Tape
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

I am a very careful laptop user.  I treat all my laptops with kid gloves.  But I am also heavily laptop dependent for my business.  After looking at netbook options I decided to go with the S10-2 for the business reputation, reputation for quality and international support that lenovo is supposed to command.


However, after just about 4 months of having my s 10-2 a hairline crack developed just above the left hinge.  I called customer service and reported the problem.  I was first asked "how did it crack?" giving the impression that it was something I had done.  I explained that the crack developed on its own and continues to widen with use and that I suspect that it is due to a product flaw.  (My research online has turned up other users with similar complaints) .  I was told that most likely this would not be covered by warranty I would have to send it to them and would incur a charge.  Smiley Mad


Given that these complaints are arising on their forum as well it should be clear to Lenovo that there is an issue with their product and a recall or warranty bulletin should be issued.  This is poor on Lenovo's part and having such an inferior quality product of theirs on the market will only serve to damage their reputation.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

One possible solution...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

Yes, my Lenovo S10e netbook (which I guess is the same as a S10) also has developed cracks in plastic near the corners of the LCD lid.


I attribute this to weak structural lid and design and hairline cracks form (which went unnoticed to me). Then they get bigger everytime you open the lid. It could be the hinge is too stiff for the structural integrity of the lid frame.


I've had 6 laptops and none of their lids cracked due to the normal flexing of the lid in the open or close process.

My cracks aren't cosmetic - it's a structural failure, I can't open the lid properly. I now have to hold the hinge and lid a the same time in the corner to open it, rather than the lid. Otherwise I fear it may snap the screen or LCD.


I thought I was a one off case, but having searched the internet, it appears other Lenovo S10 and S10e owners are experiencing the same problem. I urge others to speak up about their corner cracks too on the lid by the hinges. I bought mine directly from Lenovo UK webshop, in the UK we have statutory rights, fitness for purpose and merchantable quality and any formal guarantee is in addition to consumers statutory. 



Paper Tape
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

Hi mate!


This is definetely manufacturer, structural failure. I have got exactly the same in the same place.


My S10e is six months old I am going to clime thes issue on warrenty.



Paper Tape
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sRe: Cracks on lid near hinges

I have found a solution, need to open up the hinges and loosen the nuts on both axles. Have been using it for past 6 months with no further cracking.


Considering this as a 1st generation ideapad S10, I think no point fixing it since the 3rd generation S10-3 is out. Have been looking through the design of new hinges and found that is total different from previous generations. Now the metalic hinges are explosed with no stress on the lid plastic housing.  I would consider to trade in my old one with the new ideapad.

What's DOS?
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

I have an S10 ideapad also with a crack right around the hinge. Warranty ends next month, anyone have success getting this fixed under warranty?  I am going to send a detailed letter with pics and refs to the forums in hopes that will get better attention than calling support. I thought it must just be something I did until I started reading the forums. I barely use it, it's always in a protective case. It just irks me when someone at Lenovo must know it's a manufacturing defect, but customer service blames the customer and tries to charge 1/2 the cost of the netbook to fix.

It sounds like they fixed the problem in newer versions (read between the lines, maybe they knew it was a problem?).


I had a similar problem with a screen crack from a competitor and had to do an extensive letter campaign to get it resolved (yes it was a manufacturing defect too).  I heavily researched netbooks before deciding on Lenovo and bought it because if it's high quality ratings.


So if anyone from Lenovo is reading this, what do I need to do to ensure my manufacturing defect is properly fixed at no charge under my 1 year warranty?


DMC - also a multiple thinkpad owner and work for big blue



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cracks on lid near hinges

My 4231 has cracked near the hinges. The tops of the keys are beginning to pit as well. It's definitely a problem with the plastic.


While mine is out of warranty, I would like to obtain a replacement back for the screen and a few keys. I do not mind paying shipping, but feel that degradation of the plastics after only 18 months of ownership is a defect that should be remedied with some contribution from the manufacturer.



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