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Blue Screen Again
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Disassemble U350 to replace keyboard?


I need help to disassemble a Lenovo Ideapad U350 in order to replace/repair the keyboard (a couple of keys are no longer responding). However, I have trouble disassembling the case in order to get it out. I have removed all "obvious" screws (including the ones behind the harddisk), the battery, but there is something that seems to hold it together at the rigth hand side just by the dual USB connectors. Any idea? I feel using more force will break something.

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Re: Disassemble U350 to replace keyboard?




You may refer  following link which may give you some idea's%20guides%20and%20manuals/U300U300sU400...



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Re: Disassemble U350 to replace keyboard?

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..... warning: it is a pain in the butt to dismantle this laptop. So unless you think you are experienced enough, I wouldn't recommend it. You can easily ruin it.....

.....So what you have to do is remove every screw on the under side. Then remove the cover of the harddisk, which is hold by 6 screws. The harddisk itself is held by one screw. Remove it, slide it aside. Under it you'll find another three screws to remove. The keyboard has to be removes too because under it there are two more screws holding the silver cover. Removing the keyboard means three screws and the two tabs under the alt- and the space-key, and detach the cable. Then the silver cover should be removable, but it is not very easy, so be careful.....


I found that info here...


and a picture of keyboard top & bottom from ebay sale...


Good Luck... Zehn

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