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Displaying more than 1024 x 600 on S10

When I plug in an external monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution, the display on the S10 spontaneously changes to the same resolution (automatically). Of course, there are only 600 vertical pixels so the display appears squashed but at least everything on the attached monitor is displayed on the S10 and the mouse arrow works on all buttons. When I unplug the external monitor, the S10 display switches back to the standard 1024 x 600 (correct aspect ratio, non-squashed image).


So far, so good. Until last weekend, the above switching was interesting but not needed. However, when I'm in Photoshop CS4 (which runs fine) everything works except the "Save for Web and Devices..." option in the File menu. The problem is that the display is larger than 600 pixels in the vertical direction and it comes without scroll bars. All buttons and sliders can be accessed except one, the Save button which is at the bottom of the box, out of view (beyond the 600 pixel cut off). Even a squashed image (displaying a 768 image using only 600 pixels) would be very useful since it would allow me to use the "Save for Web and Devices..." option since the CS4 box for that option fits inside the 768 vertical pixel limit.


Now for my question: Has anyone figured out how to force the display to show the content of a 768 pixel vertical image? It has the capability since it does just that when an external monitor is attached but I've found no way to force the change other than attaching an external monitor.


Thanks for any and all help.



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Re: Displaying more than 1024 x 600 on S10

I just found the answer from a post in another forum.


Right click the wallpaper, Properties -> Advanced-> Monitor and uncheck "hide modes that this monitor cannot display". Returning the to the resolution page of properties, you can now set the screen mode to 1024 x 768. When you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen, the page then scrolls upward - bringing into view the bottom of the page with the all important Save button.


Now everything in CS4 works.





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Re: Displaying more than 1024 x 600 on S10

@Bob: Yeah, maybe in XP, but not in Windows 7 for instance.


Anyone know how to expand the resolution in W7? Preferably not virtually.

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Re: Displaying more than 1024 x 600 on S10

Not many folks know that you can also simulate some aspects of a higher resolution display using XP.


While you are at the Display Properties

Click on Settings

Click on the Advanced button


Pick the General tab 

Pull down the DPI setting menu, and pick Custom setting... 


Slide the displayed ruler over to around 90% or 86 dpi, or whatever.


Apply the new setting without restarting by clicking Apply




Most folks will like the added display real estate . 

Works on my S10, but not on an S10e for some strange reason. 


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Re: Displaying more than 1024 x 600 on S10

You can get more tips on this in my post "Using external monitor......" in my Lenovo S10 Blog. Cheers.
View my Blog on the Lenovo S10

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