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Does any body have any experience with product repairs in Europe?

Hello all


I live in Ireland and I recently sent a Lenovo U400 back for repair under warranty. I was sent a letter by

a sub-contractor from the UK called 'Medion' and they arranged for a courier to pick the system up from my workplace.


That was a week or two ago now and while I realise that it will probably be a while still before the sytem is returned to me, it struck me that I have no idea where it is gone, what the process is, or how long it is likely to take.


Will Lenovo or Medion contact me to give me a time-frame or explain what happens next?


Just wondering if anybody has any experience with this? Or if there is a Lenovo rep on here that could advise me?

It strikes me that Lenovo would be wise to communicate with customers who return systems under warranty, at least to reassure them that their system hasnt just disappeared into the ether.



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