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What's DOS?
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For gaming?

Can I have a rundown on gaming specs on the ultrabook?


Specifically graphics information?





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Re: For gaming?

To answer your query , lets take a small example: let's consider Lenovo Ultrabook U310,and U410.


U310 comes in at 1.7kg (3.74 pounds) and 18mm (0.7 inches) thick.
14-incher U410 comes at at 1.9kg (4.18 pounds) and 21mm (0.83 inches) thick.
Both are available with Ivy Bridge processors up to Core i7, as much as 1TB of storage,
plus optional 32GB SSD cache drives and NVIDIA discrete graphics.


So, with these configurations in hand , you would know what you want to play Smiley Happy .. Sounds good?

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Re: For gaming?

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Hi Joey


To add to the above info, the U410 comes with NVIDIA GeForce 610M 1GB graphics and has a 14" HD display, 16: 9 widescreen.


The U310 comes with INTEL GMA 3000 3D Graphics and it also has has a 13.3" HD display, 16: 9 widescreen,


For the full specs, please click on the links below for the U310 and U410 Ultrabooks.





Hope the above helped! 






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Re: For gaming?

The two most important components in gaming are a powerful CPU and graphics card.

Luckily you can load Ultrabooks up with a fast Core i7 CPU.

On the graphics side the U310 has a Intel HD 3000 which is good for lower end games like Counter Strike, The Sims, World of Warcraft, etc.

The U410 has a slightly more powerful GPU and will give that extra boost you may want in games.

It should be noted though that these machines don't have the high power to handle games like Crysis, Assassins Creed, or Battlefield 3 on higher settings.

I currently have a U300s with the Intel HD 3000 card, so if you have any questions about specific games feel free to ask.

-Michael Archambault
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Re: For gaming?

Intel GMA 3000 (around in 2007) and HD 3000 graphics card are very different (around in 2011).

Intel HD 3000 is used in Sandy Bridge CPU, while Ivy Bridge CPU uses Intel 4000 graphics card (which is around 30 to 40% faster then the Intel HD 3000).

Jin Li

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Re: For gaming?

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Hi Joey Check out this video intro of the U310/ 410!




Hope this helped!



What's DOS?
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Re: For gaming?

Dear Lenovo forum, our son wants to play Minecraft and is asking for a "gaming laptop" .

We have  several P60's for general use  ... but he complains about "lag"  .  I am looking for a 

compromise and wish to stay with Lenovo.  Any suggestions ?  I believe a pre-requisite

is a graphic controller with dedicated graphics memory .  Is there something in between the 

P60 and the current new models ?  Thanks,  Bob.

Punch Card
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Re: For gaming?

z580, y580, and y500 are the ideapad gaming machines...if you do decide to get one of these then make sure that you install windows 7 and remove 8 because 1 the drivers for windows 8 arent optimized and quite frankly win8 is for touch screens
Z580 with i5 and nvidia