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Guide - Create Recovery Media for an Ideapad S10

Creating Recovery Media for a Lenovo Ideapad S10


Firstly I have to say that all the steps listed in this guide worked for me but I can offer no guarantee that it will work for you.
I have the Ideadpad S10 with 160GB HD.  This the only S10 I have performed this process on.
I also refer to another guide that is key to creating your own Windows XP media.  This guide may get changed by someone else but it worked for me at the time I used it.  I have no control over that guide.


The first and most important step to perform is the creation of the Recovery Disks using your OneKey Recovery software.
This will always allow you to restore your OS partition of your S10


When I first received my S10 I started playing around with different operating systems to see what would work best on it.  After playing around for a few weeks I decided I wanted to restore my factory configuration and start from scratch.


My first mistake was to delete all my partitions thinking that the recovery disks would re-create everything required.  It is now very clear to me that the OneKey system installed on the S10 is a joke and whoever came up with that idea should placed against a wall and shot.


If you want to do any changes to your drive partitions or upgrade to a new HD then the recovery disks you have created are almost useless, but not quite as you will find out soon.


There is never any way to get your OneKey hardware key to recover after making these types of changes without returning your S10 back to Lenovo and getting them to restore your HD.


So the Term "Restore your Factory Configuration" in the OneKey software is totally misleading.

Restoring back your Factory Configuration is NOT possible unless you have made no changes to your HD partitions at all.

OneKey is simply creating a backup of you OS partition that you can restore later.
It won't even create partitions.  It won’t format your drive.
It won’t restore your OneKey recovery key on your computer if it no longer works.


You can however get back your OS partition, which was good enough for me.


I spoke to Lenovo about getting an installation disk for Windows XP Home OEM edition or some sort of Factory Recovery disk that would restore my disks to factory condition.  They said that nothing was available and there was nothing they could do to help.


I think this is ridiculous.  I am very disappointed with Lenovo for this type of support on the S10.
I have had many previous Lenovo laptops and they all came with ways to restore your computer regardless of the partitions.


After lots of investigation and testing, I came up the following solutions and have written this guide in the hopes that it will prevent someone else from going through the same frustrations I did.


Restoring from your Recovery Media
If you never made any changes to your HD partitions, you’re in luck and simply boot from the recovery disks and restore your OS partition.

If you have made any changes, then the chances are that your Recovery disks won't work without some fiddling around.


Whenever I get a new computer, I either install a second drive so I can keep my OS and data separate or I create an OS and a Data partition giving the same result.  This makes it much easier to restore your OS partition without having to worry about backing up all your data first.
I had been playing around with Ubuntu on my S10 and in the process of playing around, accidentally deleted my Recovery Partition.
So I reconfigured my S10, with 2 partitions. One for the OS and one for Data.
I create a 50GB OS partition and the rest was left for my data.
I then tried to recovery my S10 using the recovery disks but they didn't like this and kept giving me "Not enough space" messages.
I then change my configuration to make the OS partition 100GB and it still failed.
I then deleted all my partitions and tried to restore again, it still failed.

My final solution to get my Recovery Disks to restore my OS partition was to boot with a Windows XP install disk that I had from another computer and use the setup process to delete all my partitions, create a single 150GB (my entire drive) partition and then Quick Format it.
When the format had finished, I ejected the Windows XP installation disk from the drive as soon as the windows installation started to do it’s stuff, I then got a disk error ignore this and press F3 to Exit the setup process.
I then Inserted my S10 Recovery Disk, rebooted my computer and performed a full restoration of the OS partition using the OneKey restore.


So I now had my S10 working again with the original Windows that came with it but without the full OneKey recovery system.  When my computer is powered off and I press the Recovery key the computer just boots into Windows instead of the OneKey Recovery system.


My only goal now was to change my partitions so I had an additional partition for my Data.

Once you have your computer configured as you want it, create a backup with some descent backup software like Acronis or Ghost and you won’t have to worry about the restrictions of the OneKey solution ever again.


I was still infuriated with Lenovos response about not being able to alter my partitions on my HD and still have my Original Windows available for Installation.

I searched the Internet and found a way of creating my own Windows XP installation disks from my own LEGAL i386 folder on my HD.


Creating a Windows XP Home Installation Disk from your i386 folder that came with your S10


So in an effort to protect my investment and my Windows XP licence, I decided to create my own installation disks with a little help from the Internet.


There is an excellent guide that can be found at

This guide covers up to SP2 so there a couple of changes to it.


In step number 3 of “Steps to Creating a Bootable Windows Setup Disk from the I386 Directory/Folder” It asks you to create 3 files ( "WIN51IC", "WIN51IC.SP1" and "WIN51IC.SP2" ) but you actually have to create 4 to support SP3.  Create a 4th one using the same steps and call it "WIN51IC.SP3”


Added: There is another guide as pointed out by TheSteve a couple of posts down from this one.

You can try that one as well at 


Follow this guide and you'll have a completely legal bootable Windows XP Home SP3 OEM CD made from your own S10’s i386 folder that you can install on your S10 at any time.

So when you want to upgrade your HD or just want to install a clean copy of Windows XP Home, you can.


Please Lenovo, release something that will allow us to restore our S10's back to a factory configuration and fix a major problem in what is otherwise and excellent product.  Software should not be your discredit.


I hope this guide helps someone.


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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

Excellent work and sticky-worthy.  Followed your amended instructions for the XP Home installation disc and it worked perfectly.

Now to find a way to boot it up from a USB stick...



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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

To me the most important backup that can be done is creating an XP home install disc from the i386 dir.

I followed this guide which worked perfectly:


I also made a cd with all of the factory drivers which were in the drivers dir on my factory D drive.


One Key recover is really only useful for people with no real computer skills, if they mess up windows they can recover, I suspect thats all its designed to do. I know its nothing but a waste of harddrive space to me.


I did a clean install from my i386 created XP home cd and the S10 is way faster then factory, I recommend a fresh install to anyone comfortable doing it.



Glad you found a way to get it to restore, surely you're not the only one to have hit the same problem.

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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

I searched trying to find a way to Install Windows and now it appears there is another guide for creating the Bootable disk.

LOL. Wish I'd found that one earlier.

Im now on the factory install, so maybe I'll re-install from the disc I created if you think its faster.

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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

I used a cloned install on an ssd drive. I then did a fresh install on the same ssd drive. The speed difference was pretty easy to feel between the two installs. While the ssd drive may contribute to the overall speed difference it was the same ssd drive used with both cloned factory and fresh installs.


I used all of the factory included drivers and the install went perfectly. No issue with any of the drivers or device manager.

The fresh install also saves quite a bit of space.

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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

I followed this guide for my SP3 install and it seemed to work ok, Its not a bad guide, altho a bit of a walkthrough on generic burning requirements to make this work would helpfull. Forinstance the number of loaded sectors info was 4(nero defaults to 1) I didnt follow through the complete install routine but was fairly confident it was going to act normally.


Aside from that.. I'm having a bit of a time getting exactly what I need.. I'm so pissed that even with everything I have I cannot get a clone of my HD burnt to DVDs.


I bought larger HDD an ext burner and ext HDD case, I could easily clone the  smaller to the bigger drive, now I need to burn a backup of the original drive before I wipe it. I have maxblast on my home pc but my laptop drives are hitachi. I tried maxblast using the external case with my HDD and it got thru burning 4 dvd's before it sat there. I might try again. sigh.. seriously I have read enough pages and downloaded and tried out about 4 apps.


All I want is to burn a clone onto DVDs and be able to restore it to my HDD and I dont want to pay a cent more.


I have Ghost 2003 but it's useless for this. I see all this Acronis talk but it makes .tib files or whatever not iso's readable by other apps.





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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

I wouldn't mind being able to create a dvd backup of my original drive as well. Whatever it is needs to put everything back exactly as it was without needing 20 dvds to do it.

Right now my original drive is packed away, if I could make a full backup I'd probably try win7 on it. Of course for me getting back to the original drive isn't super important as I can likely clone someone elses. My parents and sister liked my S10 so much they each bought one. 


If you come up with something that works please post it.

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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

Well it ended up making 8 backup DVD's of my HDD last night, I used Acronis and expect to use maxbalst to reinstall if needed.

I suppose i should test those DVD's.

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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

Acronis is by far the best tool out there.

I created the hidden acronis partition so I can press F11 on boot up to restore my system to it's lasy backup state.

I also copied the backup image to my network so if I ever had a HD crash or partition accident again, I can still get back my original config.

Doesn't anyone from Lenovo ever look at these forums?

I'd love to hear some feedback from them!

Surely I can't be that hard to produce a REAL factory restoration DVD that owners could purchase or download.


Im still using the Lenovo image of Windows XP and it's working great but when I get time I'm going to a fresh install with the CD I created to see if it's fast and smaller.

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Re: Guide to Create Recovery Media (not OneKey) for a Lenovo Ideapad S10

SimonNWalker wrote:

Doesn't anyone from Lenovo ever look at these forums?

I'd love to hear some feedback from them!


Welcome to the forum!

While there are a few Lenovo employees roaming around in here helping out on a volunteer basis, this is not an official support channel. Instead, this is designed to be a user-to-user support and discussion forum. You may or may not get an answer directly from one of the Lenovo employees as there are way more of us than them and all of them, even Mark, have full-time jobs doing other things.



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