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What's DOS?
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HELP - Lenovo S10 Easy Camera Driver

I just format my Lenovo and Installed a new Windows XP Home and all the drivers already installed and run very well.

But I have one problem, It can't install the camera ...

I've been searching for 2 days for the camera driver but still no luck ...


Really appriciate the help,

Thank you very much 

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Re: HELP - Lenovo S10 Easy Camera Driver

welcome to the forum!


you might try the camera update tool found here.   there's a link to download it at the bottom of the page.


for future reference, ideapad S10 drivers can be found on this page.

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What's DOS?
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Re: HELP - Lenovo S10 Easy Camera Driver

Thank you for link, I will try it ...

Just wanna ask, will it possible to update without the driver installed in the system ?


Thank you again 

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Re: HELP - Lenovo S10 Easy Camera Driver

Camera will not be showed up until you press Fn+Esc
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Re: HELP - Lenovo S10 Easy Camera Driver

I just got off the phone with Levono tech support after spending 2 days scratching my head trying to get the camera to function.


I got my new S10 direct from Levono.  Immediately installed NOD32 Antivirus...installed all new drivers from the download page and backed up the entire drive with an Acronis disk image.


Then I reformatted the entire drive and installed WinXP Pro.  Everything went smooth...ran good....NO CAMERA!!!!


Looked for drivers with all new drivers....did allof the WinXP updates....still nothing!


Called tech support and after about 20 minutes....the ONLY suggestion was to send it back.  I asked if they had drivers for the camera...they said they did not....hmmmm...I told them that they HAD to have them if it EVER worked on ANY S10 ANYWHERE....she just laughed and agreed....aske them to just email the install to me....said they did not know how to do that.


I also asked what the manufacturer for the camera was and if I could go to them for the install or even to Microsoft if need be....they did not understand.




I thought that the only way to gt things straight would be to go back to the original disk image....


I did....


The camera STILL does not work.




Anyone have any luck finding an install or drivers for the cam....know who the OEM manufacturer is?



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Re: HELP - Lenovo S10 Easy Camera Driver

Did this ever get resolved? Seems that everyone has been having the same problem for almost half a year with no progress.  I also have an EEE and i wonder if I'll be regretting this Lenovo purchase (which I thought was risky to begin with). Asus has superb driver support.
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Driver ?

[ Edited ]

I wonder if so many people having trouble with this

i installed Windows XP Home or Prof Edition included  ---ServicePack 3 .. also with Servicepack 2 ...

....about 10 to 15 times new on the S10(e)

everytime i installed the cam is ready to use without external extra driver,

 its not necassary, cause the driver is in Windows XP integrated..

its declared in device manager --> image device  --> usb video device...


so which way you want to go today Smiley Happy try this..


hardwareupdate-->no, this time not-->sw from list-->no search--> c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386




regards KalvinKlein

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Re: Driver ?

Current working hypothesis is that it is tied to the Bison Firmware update file on Lenovo's website. It breaks the camera. The camera is still recognized in "My computer" but will not display any pictures.


If it works for you, try the bison firmware update and tell us if you still have a working camera. Smiley Happy

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Driver ?

That's true!
Paper Tape
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Re: Driver ?

[ Edited ]

Well...stupid me!  i had  working camera, downloaded the newest firmware.  Installed it, and now my **bleep** camera doesn't work!!!


"This hotfix must ONLY be installed on the machines affected by the symptoms described above.  If the camera is working properly, do not install this hotfix. Otherwise, the camera firmware will be destroyed permanently."




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