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What's DOS?
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HELP: S10-3 Audio Problem - Dolby Headphone

I have recently purchased a Lenovo S10-3 laptop.


One of the features that I noticed is virtual headphone surround sound by Dolby.

The problem that I have is that when I enable it, the volume becomes unbalanced. The left headphone speaker plays twice as loud as the right one. The sound quality is much better with it on and I really want to use it, but I cannot because of this problem. I tried individually adjusting speaker volume, but there is a significant loss of audio quality and surround effect if i do so, not to mention that the sound then becomes unbalanced again if I use the volume control.


I am using Windows 7 and the Win7 Drivers supplied with the laptop.


TL;DR: Left Speaker Louder than Right with Dolby Headphone Surround enabled.

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Re: HELP: S10-3 Audio Problem - Dolby Headphone

Hello mate,


Does the problem appears with all the headphones you plug ?


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Re: HELP: S10-3 Audio Problem - Dolby Headphone

Hi and welcome,

 look in realtek mixer ...  mismatched settings can produce the effect ...i.e. enclosed pic ... instead of windows audio mixer ...

Realtek Audio Device Beep.JPG


or Try reinstall  Realtek Audio Driver W7  ..


sincerely KalvinKlein

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What's DOS?
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Re: HELP: S10-3 Audio Problem - Dolby Headphone

This happens with any and all headphones.

My Realtek Control Panel looks different from that picture.

My one looks like this. (for both versions of the windows 7 driver)


The driver from the website is version

The driver supplied with the laptop is version


I am not sure whether this feature exists in earlier drivers and whether the problem exists in Windows XP.


My ancient PC sound card only works properly in XP, but I would not expect a new PC to have problems with windows 7 drivers.


Below is the closest matching image that I could find online. While mine looks slightly different, this is the feature that I am having problems with.


Link to picture


The feature works similarly to Creative's CMSS 3D, but in addition to expanding the sound, the centre channel (L+R : Vocals and bass) seem to be panned to the left, and that is the problem.


The driver from the website does not have this feature. It seems it was included in the newer version, but not coded properly.



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What's DOS?
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Re: HELP: S10-3 Audio Problem - Dolby Headphone

I downloaded the latest general driver form Realtek, and the problem still persists.


I tested it with my aviation headphones that have an individual hardware volume control and it sounds perfect with the left volume halfway down. Computer headphones don't have this feature. (Note: with Dolby Surround off, the sound is balanced with both volume controls full on and the level set by my PC.


Im unsure whether this is a Hardware fault, Driver fault, or Windows incompatability error. Surely no-one would intentionally code the virtual surround driver to output unbalanced. Could it be that the surruond emulator hardware does not match up to the surround emulator in the driver properly?


I know for sure that the internal sound card was built with this feature included, because this feature doesn't exist on my other laptop which uses the same driver.

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