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Hinge broken on U410 and U430T. I request an explanation

Hi, I'm writting to Lenovo witht the last drop of patience I have left in me after trying to figure out a way to get in touch with support... this "callback" thing does not work my friends... I suggest contract a company to perform a deep Service Design do over in all your sites and methods.

That being said, I have 2 Lenovo laptops that have become 2 very thin and very expensive bricks for me now.

- I got a U410 a while back and right after the warranty year expired the hinge broke making it unusable. Support told me I pretty much had to suck it up allthough I have seen an excesive amount of your customers complaining about the same problem, I'd think that it is a design issue and LENOVO should have made a recall for all of them...


- I decided I'd move on and bought a U430 Touch. I first verified that the hinge system was not the same as the other for obvious reasons, then proceed to buy. Today 1 month after warranty expired, the hinge of this new laptop decided to copy cat the other model. Yes a second laptop, same brand decided that it would become usless right after warranty expiration once again.


As usual, support is impossible to contact and honestly at this point I am doing trying to contact you. I expect LENOVO to contact me ASAP to start by giving me a good explanation on why the two latptops I bought for hundreds of dollars are now less than a construction brick and continue to give me a solution to this situation I've been put on for the second time. I will not conform with a "Send us your laptop to China and we'll let you know what happends in 2 months". I need the laptop to work.


Fool me once, shame on you...
I will not be ashamed again.

Thanks for reading,


Alejandro Castells


PS. You have all of my contact information in my Lenovo account.



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Re: Hinge broken on U410 and U430T. I request an explanation

Hello Alejandro, welcome to the communities,


very sorry to have to read about your experiences so far.  As we unfortunately don't have access to view your personal data in your Lenovo account I'd like to suggest that you please send my colleague Miguel_Lenovo the following information by private message; he's our Spanish community administrator and will hopefully be in a position to assist you.


Full Name;
Telephone No.;
email address;
System Type;
System s/n;

Date of purchase;
Case Numbers;


Thanks in advance




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