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Re: How can the S10 OKR key be remapped?

2012-03-24, 19:33 PM

There is an interesting posting going on TPB.

Seems that the Lenovo Recovery 7.0 Engineer version is able to create

a (empty) recovery partition.

I can't post more about it here, google is your friend :smileyhappy:


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Re: How can the S10 OKR key be remapped?

2012-10-04, 16:58 PM

I have found a trick to get the one key recovery installing on a new drive 


You use a MBR backup as FixmBR run inside miniXp Hiren CD (you have to copy your backup Mybck_0.bin in the directory temp of Hirenc CD wher MBrfix will run when you launch it from the tool box. You could use  HDDhacker, Partition Guru, WDigital Tools (Nb1) also to backup and restor later.

You use Acronis to make a back up of the hiden partition or any software similar.

If the hiden is gone you could also created with gparted a Hiden partition the size you want .

You copy the back CD created with Recovery Key. For sure to copy you have to remove the flag hiden and put it again with Gparted it is very easy. You created the partition as it was before

You have to created a NTFS partition and intal with you one key recevery back up.

After you have restore the window, to get the one  key working, you have to restore the MBR.

If the hard disk is bigger you may have an extra partition to created.

Other wise you could also use a live linux CD and use the terminal:

 You need to go to linux and use fdisk command under Sudo and 


fdisk /dev-sda   a is the first Hard disk to the operation

type p  you get the partition list

type L you het the list code

Type t  selct the number of the hidden partition should be the last one

Type 12 

OKR.Key  button should work after


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Re: How can the S10 OKR key be remapped?

2013-02-06, 13:50 PM


On the S10, the OKR button is hard coded to


C:\Program Files\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery\OneKey Recovery.exe


Use the same file name and path. Replace it with a program that launches your application of choice.

Actually it's not totally correct, at least not on Y580 model. The button is hard coded to OneKey Recovery.exe executable only, but the path to it is stored in InstallPath at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery registry key (I'm using 64bit OS, so on 32bit I'd assume the key supposed to be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery)

Missing that registry value is probably why other people couldn't make it work.


So based on this information I've made AutoIT script that installs a launcher into %TEMP%\OneKey Recovery and launches user selected file when pressed OKR button


Source and compiled binary can be found there:



This works great on Y580 model with Windows 8


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Re: How can the S10 OKR key be remapped?

2017-09-30, 13:54 PM

Now 8 years later, Windows 10 was installed on my Lenovo G480. I found this thread because I thought to use said button to start another OS (64-bit FORTH engine), but discovered that it doesn't respond when pushed, even though the folder "Lenovo/OneKey App/OneKey Recovery" contains 25 elements and SEEMS to me unchanged. 

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